8 Big Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Which blogging platform are you gonna use for your blog? If you haven’t thought about it yet then stop right here, in this article you will learn why blogging with WordPress is the best decision you will ever make.

There are a lot of blogging platforms, some are good while some just aren’t worth even trying. But there’s one platform that stands out from the rest, yes that platform is WordPress.org…

We are a fan of Self-hosted WordPress, all of our blogs run on it. So we are a little biased. (You can say.)

If you’re always confused between the two WordPress, read this post – WordPress.org vs WordPress.com, after reading this it’s our guarantee that you will never be confused between the two.

There are many kinds of blogs and bloggers, but usually, they can be divided into 2 groups – the serious one and the hobbyist. The hobbyist can blog even with free blogging platforms (although they should also avoid free websites).

But, if you want to blog professionally then self-hosted WordPress is the best choice. And, here’s exactly why it’s so…

Some Reasons Why You Should Select Self-Hosted WordPress

Why use WordPress?

#1 You own Everything!

You can get your blog started with free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com, etc very easily. It won’t even take 10 minutes to start a blog with them. They have a lot of cons, but the biggest con is you own nothing.

You can work day and night writing, promoting your blog but in the end, one mistake you make will shut your blog down. These free blogging platforms are very strict when it comes to their TOS (Terms of Service).

When it comes to free blogging platforms there are a lot of limitations. Some of the limitations you will have to face with free blogging platforms are – you can’t place ads, you can’t blog about certain topics, your blogs can be deleted, and so on…

WordPress.org is also a free software but it doesn’t limit you to anything. What you want to blog about is up to you. (Even if it’s free please try to have some morals.) You can also place any kinds of ads on your blog.

With WordPress, you are the sole owner of your blog, you’re in full control and own it. You don’t need to be on someone’s mercy. It’s the best blogging platform even if you’re just starting out or you’re a pro. You should move your site to WordPress.

#2 Easy To Customize

While most of the other blogging platforms limit your creativity, WordPress doesn’t. You can tweak your blog’s design any way you want. There are WordPress themes and plugins for all your needs. If you can think of it, you can make it.

With WordPress, you can change anything be it color, font, design, features and so on. You don’t even need to be a developer to customize it. It has a little learning curve but everything is possible without having coding experience.

There are two ways to customize WordPress – through Control Panel or through codes. If you’re a beginner customizing through control panel is the best bet. It’s easy to use and is located in the WP dashboard.

The dashboard is beginner-friendly i.e, even beginners can get it and isn’t rocket science to understand. You can edit almost every element through the dashboard. You can also add themes for the design and plugins for advanced stuff.

Even when I started I know nothing, I still don’t know much of the coding stuff but with the help of plugins and an awesome theme, I can customize the whole blog on my own. Just make sure you use the right plugins and theme for your blog.

#3 You Can Build Any Kind Of Website With WordPress

WordPress isn’t only great for blogging. With it, you can do a lot more than just publish your blog posts, etc. It’s more than a blogging platform. WordPress doesn’t limit you to just writing and maintaining a blog.

It the most versatile CMS and gives you the ability to create any kind of website you want. There are thousands of themes and plugins available to bring your desired project to life. Other platforms just lack this.

There are a lot of websites you can create with WordPress like – a membership site, e-Commerce site, forums, etc. This is the reason you will find all the popular sites are made using WordPress. There’s a theme or plugin for everything.

You can also add (or sell) e-products with your blog like – online courses, e-books and what not. The flexibility you get with WordPress is impossible to find on any other CMS. That’s another reason why big sites trust WordPress.

The only thing that limits you from creating any kind of websites is the budget. Of course, you can get all themes under 150$ on an average. But adding more functions means adding more maintenance costs. (Although, it’s a different story.)

#4 SEO-Friendly

No matter who you are, if you own a site you must never ignore SEO. There are over 200+ major ranking factors in Google. Some of the things that you need to do include link building, keyword density, and much more.

There are some factors which also depends on the CMS you use. And, there’s good news, WordPress fulfills 99% of the requirements, it makes SEO easier for you. Even if you’re a newbie SEO will be easier on WordPress.

There are lots of SEO plugins on WordPress which makes boring tasks easier, you get the chance to focus more on the important matters.  Most of the high ranking sites run on WordPress. It’s rare to find sites which run on other CMS.

Some of the requirements that every CMS must have are – fast loading speed, good coding, navigation, social media integration, UI/UX, etc. Luckily, WordPress has all of them, marketers just need to use their brain and make full use of them.

There are other platforms which claim they are great for SEO. But if they’re so good then why don’t you see any of their sites in the top results. Long story short, WordPress is great for SEO. Everything is just much less of a hassle.

#5 It’s A Great Blogging Platform

Like I said in point #1, WordPress is the best blogging platform. But what is it that makes WordPress the best? Why are other platforms like medium not better than WordPress? I’d bet you have these questions, here’s why it’s better…

Apart from WordPress, I think the no. 2 blogging platform is Medium. It’s for those who want to write and blog. It can do everything for someone who doesn’t want to blog for earning money. It’s only made for blogging.

Whereas, with WordPress, you can do blogging and do more. It’s not only limited to writing, but you can also customize your blog, make different custom pages, add more functionality, and so on. You can customize it the way you want.

Medium is more like a community for professional bloggers. Where like-minded people share their views. It’s also a hosted blogging platform i.e, in the end – you own none of your content. You can’t blog for money there, it’s just impossible.

There is no blogging platform which comes close to WordPress. In every category, WordPress outclasses every blogging platform. What else would you look for while selecting a blogging platform? WordPress provides everything.

#6 It Has A Huge Community

WordPress has a huge community which consists of developers and its users. No matter which blogging platform you decide to choose, if it doesn’t have a community and proper documentation then you will be in a lot of trouble.

It also has a support forum which contains more than a million queries. If you’re facing a problem there are chances someone else might have also faced the same. You can search in the forum and get the solution to your issue.

Not only that, there are WordPress specific forums, blogs, etc. to get more knowledge. There might be no website owner who hasn’t heard of WordPress after all more than 33% of the internet runs on it. (That’s point #9.)

If you are facing problems on WordPress then there will be a lot of developers you can hire from. WP development is one of the most popular web development career choice. There are more WP Experts than there are other platforms site owners.

You can hire a WP Expert for less than 50$ per hour. But outsourcing will be costly, with all the WP resources available you can pretty much do all of the things on your own. Learning WordPress isn’t hard and the community isn’t toxic.

#7 It’s Provides Great Security

WordPress is the most secure and vulnerable blogging platform. Why? More than 33% of the internet runs on WordPress so most of the hackers try to find loopholes and hack the sites. But WordPress has high-standard when it comes to security.

And there’s nothing to worry as it’s updated frequently so you’re protected. When you update your WordPress it makes your site more secure. In fact, the sites which get hacked are due to the carelessness of their owners.

Most of the people don’t take security seriously. They think my site doesn’t have any traffic no hacker in the right mind would hack my site. Or, they just don’t care. That’s what gets most of the sites hacked as they are easy prey.

There are lots of ways to protect your WordPress site – install security plugins, get hosting from a reputable company, have premium themes, don’t use free or non-updated themes/plugins, etc. Your security is in your hands.

If you’re staying away from WordPress due to security reasons. Now you don’t need to, WordPress is 100% secure although it depends on the additional security measures you take. That’s why millions of websites run on WordPress.

#8 33% of the Internet Runs On WordPress

According to W3 Techs, over 32.8% of all the websites on the internet run on WordPress. Which is, in fact, a huge market share. These are the total stats if we break these stats down more to the share of CMS only WordPress dominates much harder.

Out of the total known CMS share (or sites running with a known CMS) over 59% sites are on WordPress. Having your blog on a CMS that’s seeing a rapid growth is a good choice. Sure there are competitors but they don’t even come close to it.

The other CMS are –  Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, etc. These CMS in total don’t even come close to 10% of total websites on the internet. This comparison shows how big WordPress actually is, and why you should use it.

WordPress also has a showcase where you can find all the brands who use their platform. Some of the big names which use WordPress are – Toyota, TechCrunch, and millions of other sites. It’s hard to find someone who hates WordPress.

We as humans follow each other. Right? That’s not the only reason WordPress is great, it has proven it’s worth from time to time. It’s powerful, flexible, easy to use. You can do anything with it, that’s why it’s so great.

Wrapping it up…

These were some important reasons why you should use WordPress for your blog. Blogging with WordPress is easy, although everything has its pros and cons, WordPress just has one or two which are – learning curve and you’re on your own.

You can easily find a way around with these problems. There is a large community of developers and there are a lot of blogs about WordPress by which you can fix and learn almost everything. It’s the best CMS out there.

Plus, it’s getting better. The WordPress team is continuously releasing updates which fix all the bugs. As time passes, they enhance the system with each version and regular updates are essential for a CMS.

So, have you decided to use WordPress on your blog? If yes, great. Use this link to get 60% Off on web hosting. You should also read our guide, before jumping to start a blog. It’s a long process and shouldn’t be rushed.

After that, come back to our blog to learn more about blogging. Our main aim is to make you a better blogger. We have all the resources you will need to go through this journey. (You will learn a lot of things.)

What are your thoughts on WordPress as a blogging platform? Which blogging platform are you using? What blogging platform do you consider the best? Let us know in the comments below…

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