20 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

“Why you should start a blog?” it’s a question asked by many people. Well, there are many reasons to start a blog.

If you have never thought of starting a blog, YOU SHOULD!

Starting a blog is no big deal. But finding out the reasons why you should start a blog is a big deal.

It’s important that you find a reason why you want to blog. A reason will be your motivator in the difficult times as starting a blog is no so hard as compared to making it a success.

I’ve created this because I love to blog, I want to become a professional blogger, I want to help others, I want to provide valuable content to people and I want to earn money from this blog. (Some reasons why I started blogging.)

It takes hard work (and smart work) to build a successful blog. It’s a simple rule – to make a blog successful it should have meaning why it is created. You just can’t create a blog(or anything) just for the sake of creating it.

This article will tell you exactly – Why you should start a blog.

Most of us want to have a job we dream of, but for us who blog nothing is as satisfying as being a full-time blogger! Now, wait for a second and ask yourself – Do you love what you do? Most of the time the answer is a big NO!

Starting a blog is one of the best things you can do. There are many benefits to starting a blog. At the end of this article, you will about 20 reasons why everyone should blog.

20 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Now

why you should start a blog

Here, I have gathered some of the reasons which show the importance of blogging. You should start a blog because –

#1 It’s Free (Or Affordable) To Start

It is easy for anyone to set up a blog for free, however, it has many limitations. If you want to have no limitations on your blog, you shall start a self-hosted blog. It’s affordable for everyone to start a self-hosted blog.

Starting a blog only costs about 80-100$/year. You can start a blog in no more than 20 minutes with this step-by-step guide.

#2 You Learn New Things

When you start blogging, you start learning many things which you’ve never known about. You start learning about many things like how to set up a blog, how to create quality content, how to promote your blog, how to do maintenance of your blog, etc.

You also start to learn about the area of interest that you’re working on. When you learn more thing about your niche (area of interest), you get more knowledge to share on your blog.

#3 No Need Of Prior Knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required to start a blog. You can easily start a blog with zero experience & if you get stuck anywhere I am always here to help you. You also don’t need to have any technical knowledge, all you need is the dedication to work and I’ll show you the way.

With this step-by-step guide, you can get your blog running in less than an hour. You can also learn about blogging from basics to advanced here.

#4 Earn You Some Money

How about you earn money while doing the thing you enjoy? It feels like a dream right? But it is true, you can make some huge amount of money if you’re willing to take blogging seriously.

Most of the top bloggers earn in millions of dollars per year. Once you’ve got a decent audience on your blog, you can start earning from it. There many methods available to make your blog profitable.

#5 Increases Your Confidence

Blogging gives a voice to your opinions, what you like, what you don’t like, you can easily express without having a fear of anything. When you blog, you not only find out what your weakness is but you also fix them.

You also find out what your strengths are. You also get used to communicating with hundreds or thousands of people daily. Blogging allows you to become a better person than you were the day before. When you improve daily it increases your confidence.

#6 Makes You A Better Writer

When you start blogging it’s necessary that you are frequently updating your blog. However, it takes time to become a great writer. No one can become great at anything without constant practice over a long period of time.

When you practice something for a long period of time, you become a master of that field.  If you’re worried that you are a not so good writer, then you should not. It also applies here, when you write regularly for a long period of time, you become a good writer.

#7 You Can Help Others

Blogging allows you to help other peoples in many ways. You can help others by inspiring young peoples to find their hidden potential. When you blog, you can directly influence many people’s lives

You can help people by writing about different topics. It’s also easy to share what you have seen and felt in your life. What you’ve experienced in your life can also become an inspiration for some.

#8 Makes You Disciplined

Are you someone who procrastinates too much all the time? Now, don’t worry blogging will make you disciplined. But, how?

When you start blogging seriously, you need to write and publish often. You need to get the work done. Blogging will allow you to develop a habit of working rather than wasting your precious time. It allows you to make the most out of your time. ( and remember time is money. )

#9 Increases Your Creativity

When you blog, it is necessary that you create content that has high value & uniqueness. You need to stand out from the rest of the competition. You need to provide something fresh for your readers.

To be better than the rest you have to be unique than others. You have to imagine better, generate new ideas and share them with effort. Blogging makes you think out of the box. To become a good blogger, you’ve to become a good thinker.

#10 Lets You To Stay In Touch With Others

Blogging helps you to stay in touch with other peoples. On a blog, you can share your life experiences, struggles, and happiness with many peoples. Even if you feel like you’re alone, having a blog connects you to thousands (sometimes millions) of people.

You connect with people who are thousands of kilometers away. It also helps you to stay in touch with your family and friends. Having a blog can also be useful in documenting your life.

#11 Builds Your Credibility

College certificates don’t have much value as they had back in the days. Now, people are looking for those who have skills. Blogging provides you with a platform to showcase your skills. It is easy to create a portfolio on your blog.

Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your credibility. When you share helpful information about a subject, you establish yourself as an expert. As an expert, people believe in you and it’s easier for you to achieve your goals.

#12 Builds Your Network

When you start blogging, you also meet many like-minded people. You meet those people from which you can learn something, who are better than you. You also find the people who have learnt something from you.

The best thing about blogging is that you can meet the people you’ve always admired. You can get the opportunity to meet your favorite bloggers. Blogging helps to build your network. It’s easier to meet bloggers at blogging events.

#13 You Acquire New Skills

When you start to blog, you are an absolute beginner who knows nothing much. But as time goes, you also put in efforts to keep your blog running. Running a blog, efficiently requires that you learn some new skills.

Learning new skills is essential when you want your blog to run smoothly. Search engine optimization (SEO), content creation & marketing, social media marketing are some of the skills you learn as time goes. Blogging is a mix of many skills.

#14 Gives You Freedom

Do you know, what is freedom? Freedom is when you have the power to speak, think and act as you want to. You’re free to do whatever you like as long it doesn’t harm anyone.

Blogging gives you the power of expressing yourself without any fear. You are the sole owner of your blog. It’s your property and you can do whatever you like with it. Blogging gives you the freedom which is hard to find in this world.

#15 You Can Get Consulting Deals

With the help of his blog, Neil Patel has been paid up to $5000/hour for some consulting deals. He has done any consulting deals with big companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, eBay, NBC, GM, HP, TechCrunch, and Viacom.

Don’t worry, it will take some time to become an expert in your niche. But, when you become an expert, start doing consulting deals with others. You can help your clients to reach their goals & make a lot of money. It’s a Win-Win situation for both.

#16 It Helps To Grow Your Business

Starting a blog can be beneficial for your business. Businesses that don’t have a blog, miss out on many opportunities. A blog can tell many things about a business.

Businesses can list out their products on the website, and also create a blog. In the blog, they share interesting stories about their success, ideas, which can convert the reader into a potential customer. Businesses which have a blog tend to have more inbound links (which means more visitors and more sales).

#17 Gives You New Opportunities

Why do you need a resume, when you can have a blog. Having a successful blog can tell a lot about your experience. Through his blog, Neil Patel has also landed many consulting deals with big firms.

You should check the inspiring story of this blogger, who landed a great job because of her blog. A blog can make your resume one of its kind. When you blog, employers can directly see how much experience you’ve got.

#18 Gets You Published

Are you a writer who is waiting for publishing house to come and get your book published? You can wait they will come and pick you, a not-so-well-known-new-writer. They will come for sure only when the world is going to end….

Now, don’t worry. One of the best ways to get published is to start a blog and build loyal readers. When you’ve got some loyal readers, launch your book by yourself. Self-publishing is the easiest way to get more people to buy and read your book.

#19 Build Your Audience

Blogging means putting value in your content, the value of your content is the thing which attracts people towards your blog. You should never publish for the sake of publishing and filling space on your blog.

When you’ve been blogging for a long time, you get some loyal readers who come back to read your blog again and again. Putting valuable content on your blog is important to get a loyal reader base. Having an audience is the essence of blogging.

 #20 It’s Challenging

Sometimes, we all need to do something challenging to test our limits. Stepping out of the comfort zones makes us grow faster. We all tend to live in our comfort zone and do what’s easy. But blogging is for sure not so easy, you can’t succeed overnight in blogging (or anything).

As I have mentioned before, it’s easy to start a blog but the difficulty lies in its maintenance. You’ve to come up with interesting ideas, communicate with your readers, and keep yourself updated with latest trends. You need to keep learning new things to keep your blog running.

Final Thoughts…

Now, these are some of the reasons why you should start a blog. With time, more reasons will be added to this list. Comment below, if you’ve any suggestion for us.

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