Here Are The Tools We USE And Highly Recommend!

There’s a lot of background process going on to make a blog (or website) look amazing.

Many times people have asked us “What are the tools you use?”, so here are the tools we use on a daily basis.

Our blog runs on self-hosted WordPress. Running a blog is no easy task and it does require many tools. You need Web Hosting, WP Themes, WP Plugins just to make your site super awesome. Then there are also Marketing/SEO tools. Our blog is no exception.

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Essential Tools We Use!

These are the tools which make this blog awesome –

We use Namecheap to manage our domain names. You can also get a domain name for 10.98$/year.

Our blog is hosted on SiteGround. Starting a blog (or site) is easy and only costs 3.95$/month with  SiteGround.

The theme we use here is  GeneratePressIt costs 49.95$ and is one of the best WordPress themes.

Whenever we think about SEO tools the first one which comes to our mind is SEMRush. We also use it on a regular basis.