SiteGround Review: Is It The Best Choice? Here’s What We Experienced! (2019)

SiteGround is regarded as one of the best web hosts. But is it the truth? Is SiteGround really worth your money? After using them as our web host we found the answer. And, it was something we knew from the start.

The short answer is Yes! For the long version – Read this SiteGround Review till last… After reading this review you will know why it’s known as the best web host for beginners.

There are lots of web hosts many bloggers recommend to beginners but the most common among them are BlueHost & HostGator. I have got nothing against them but I won’t recommend them to new bloggers. Why?

Because when it comes to shared web hosting, SiteGround has set a very high standard. No one’s close to them when it comes to shared hosting for beginners.

It is one of the web hosts you can trust. We rank them #1 on our list of most trustable web hosts.

Overall, we would give SiteGround a 4.6/5.0 rating.

It excels at services like customer support, loading speed, uptime. The only things I don’t like about them are their CPU limits & Pricing. If it can improve on these it will be much better.

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Before doing a review it’s important to know about the company a little bit. For those who don’t know about SiteGround below is a brief history of the company…

SiteGround’s History

SiteGround isn’t a new web hosting company. It has been in the web hosting industry since 2002, what’s more, amazing about it is that it’s an independent company. An Independent company going toe to toe against big corporations.

SiteGround as a company was launched by three university friends. Their only mission was to take the current web hosting to the next level on a worldwide scale. We can say they have pretty much succeeded.

Web hosts at that time (in 2001) weren’t as great as it is now. Then it was slower, less secure and provided little to no support. They wanted to change that, and we can say it has made a name of themselves by doing so. It’s only because of the hard work of 2 decades.

There are only 4 web hosts which are officially recommended by –

As you can see, SiteGround is one of the web hosts which WordPress recommends. I’m sure after reading this review you will make a switch from your current web hosting to SiteGround.

SiteGround provides many services like shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS or dedicated servers. It also offers email hosting and domain name registrations. If you wish to start a blog (or website), anything related to domains and web hosting will be found at SiteGround.

Before the review, you will have to wait for some time because next, I am going to tell you why it is such a popular as a web host. In a world where many companies spend millions of amount into advertising, how is SiteGround able to make a name for themselves. If you want to read about that it’s below, it’s not a long one.

Why Is It So Much Popular?

For starters, it is popular because it is worth every single penny you spend. The word of mouth advertising it gets from the praise of their customers is also one reason. The reputation of this web hosting company is damn good! (We’re also doing the same.)

According to the latest data, SG hosts more than 1.8 million domains with them. That’s a huge number but it isn’t surprising as it is one of the most popular hosts around. It also spends money on marketing. Not much as EIG though.

SiteGround may be expensive for some but the exceptional value for money it provides is insane when compared to other hosts in the same price range. Overall, it’s a solid web host. It is well-rounded in each category.

SiteGround Review: Should You Buy Web Hosting From SiteGround?

SiteGround Review

If you’re an absolute beginner – Yes! There’s no better web host available than this. If you’re an established blogger and receive up to 100k pageviews but want cheap hosting then there are much better options at the price.

However, if you don’t mind whatever the price is and only care about performance, support and fast loading times then you can blindly trust SiteGround. Their shared plans are just the starting, it’s more amazing at other plans.

Now, let’s look at the performance, uptime and other factors which make SiteGroud such a good host…

#1 Performance – Uptime Stats

SiteGround is one of the most powerful web hosts. In fact, it does have a pretty solid uptime and the speed tech behind SiteGround is impressive. In this point, I will cover both the speed technology and uptime stats of SiteGround.

First up we have the – speed tech which is used by them. Their speed is one of the reasons people select and use their services. It uses a combination of features which makes their speed technology superior to other hosts.

SiteGround Speed Tech

The combination consists of SSD (Solid State Drives), NGINX Servers, HTTP/2 servers, and 1-Click CloudFlare CDN.

Apart from this, it also has one of the best uptime in the web hosting industry. Usually, the top web hosts claim to provide 99.99% uptime. SiteGround not only claims that but also delivers.

In the below screenshot you can see it has got 100% uptime…

SG Uptime

P.S. I put my site in the uptime robot just a few days ago so the stats are new i.e, they are just a few days old. I wasn’t able to put my site in the uptime monitor sooner else it would have been 100% for a long time. (I apologize for that!)

#2 Speed – Average Loading Times

Website’s loading speed isn’t something you can compromise upon. If your site is slow you will have a high bounce rate which is said to affect SEO rankings. You should make sure your site is fast enough if you don’t want to lose visitors.

I purchased the GoGeek plan from SiteGround and ran some tests on Pingdom to find out how fast SiteGround speed is. Here’s the result of our Pingdom Website Speed Test –

SG - Pingdom Test

The loading time is of my other niche-blog. It is not a static webpage there’s a lot of content in it, and yes this site is also hosted on a shared plan. What’s even better these results are without any configurations. (It’s fast.)

#3 Security (Can’t Compromise On This)

Here is a quick fact for you: Everyday thousands of websites are getting hacked one of the main reasons why these sites get hacked is because of poor security of their web hosts. Many people are losing their hard work just because someone hacked into their site.

When it comes to security, WordPress sites are always at risk. In fact, most sites which are hacked ran on WordPress. There are many ways to secure your website, but if your web hosting isn’t secure you can’t do anything about it.

The websites which get hacked are usually on free web hosts which provide little to no security. If a hosting company doesn’t provide good security you should ditch them at the moment and switch to a more secure web host.

Thankfully, SiteGround takes security very seriously. It’s one of the most secure web hosts. If you are serious about your website security then you should select a secure web host. And SiteGround is one of them.

Security is one of the major reasons people switch from other web hosting to SiteGround. Major big brands also don’t take care of their site’s safety, they just don’t care to select a lousy web host and then pay a heavy price at the end.

#4 Customer Support (They’re Amazing!)

You know what is SiteGround the most famous for? Yes, it’s their support team and the way they solve their users’ problems in no time. It doesn’t matter which plan you’re using they will 100% help you.

You won’t find a SiteGround Review without the praise of their support team. They are 24×7 available, you can reach them via phone, email or quick chat. All you need to do is to create a support ticket.

Most of the web hosts prioritize support of only the high amount paying customers, this is mainly the issue with EIG brands. But this web host isn’t the same, it is the very best in this department.

Here’s a screenshot of a support ticket I created way back in 2018 –

SiteGround Support

You can see I created the support ticket and they replied back in 10 minutes. A real human came to my help rather than a chatbot which most of the companies use. Sometimes they reply even quicker to a support ticket.

Their support team is Excellent! If you are tired of your current web host which doesn’t have a decent support team you can make your move to SG. There’s no shared hosting provider better than them at this. (100% Trustable.)

#5 cPanel Demo – What Your Site Will Look From The Backend

Many people don’t know what a cPanel is. We will tell you about this and also show you how SG’s (SiteGround’s) cPanel look like. A cPanel simply is the backend or control panel of your web hosting.

Almost every site uses cPanel, the ones which don’t have their own control panel. The web hosts which don’t use cPanel are DreamHost, Kinsta, WPX Hosting, etc.

If you want to know what a cPanel looks like you don’t have to look anywhere else now. Below is a screenshot of SG cPanel –

SG cPanel

As you can see in the picture above, you can do and know anything about your web hosting plan with the cPanel. It lets you have administrative control over everything on your hosting plan.

Some important features present in cPanel are – auto installers, site staging, WordPress tools, email hosting, CloudFlare CDN, SSL Certificates and many more. The cPanel makes everything easy.

#6 Auto WordPress Updates & Easy WP Installation

We all know that it’s super important to be updated with the latest version of WordPress. It’s crucial for your site’s safety and performance if you don’t update your site will be vulnerable can could be hacked by a pro hacker.

Your site will also not perform the way it should. You don’t want that to happen, right? It’s easy to forget about updating your site to the latest version of WordPress but don’t worry. SG comes with auto WordPress updater.

Your site will be updated automatically, you won’t even have to move your fingers to do so. Isn’t it great?

The other feature we like and is great for newbies is the auto-WordPress installer. Just in a few clicks, you will be easily able to launch your own WordPress site. There’s no need for knowing a coding language to make a website.

With their WordPress auto-installer, even a kid can install WordPress. It makes installing WordPress so easy!

#7 Data Centers – They Are Needed!

One of the many amazing features provided by SiteGround is that it’s having 5 data centers around the world. Selecting the right data center makes your website load much faster which improves your blog’s performance.

SG’s data centers are located in 4 different locations – Singapore (the ones we used), Chicago – USA, Amsterdam -Netherlands & London -UK. There are many benefits to having more data centers.

SG Data Centers

There is a common problem with other web hosts. Having a single or fewer data centers will cause a network outrage as if one goes down everything will be shut down. But, this isn’t the case with SiteGround.

#8 Other Features (Which Are Small But Useful)

Some of the other useful features you will get with SG web hosting are – Super Cacher plugin, latest PHP version, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Email Hosting and more… When it comes to features it is among the best web hosts.

The SG Optimizer plugin only works with SiteGround, if you are with another web host it won’t work for you. This plugin is designed in such a way that it links WordPress with SiteGround’s servers to boost performance.

There are some features available only on the GoGeek plan like the PCI Compliance. It’s basically a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which helps in preventing online card frauds. It’s great for online sellers.

We can just go on and on speaking about their features. Their most feature packed plan of shared hosting is the GoGeek one. There are features which just don’t rely on fancy names and work nicely.

#9 Officially Recommended By Major CMS (WordPress, Drupal & Joomla)

You already know that SiteGround is one of the four hosts which is recommended by WordPress. But do you know that it is also recommended by other CMS like Joomla & Drupal? I guess you learned something new today.

It is hard to become one of the hosting company that a CMS like WordPress recommends. SiteGround has done it with 3 different CMS and is the only company to achieve this feat.

  • Official Recommendation By WordPress

Sg WordPress Recommendation

  • Official Recommendation By Drupal


  • And, Official Recommendation By Joomla

Drupal SiteGround

There you have it, folks, the above screenshots were of official recommendation by these major CMS. You can also find these present in the Hosting recommendation of WordPress, Drupal & Joomla!

#10 Free Migration Services

Just like other web hosts if you want to migrate from other web hosts you will get a free migration. It’s just for new users though. If you’re looking for a new web host and don’t know how to migrate leave it to the pros.

The SG team will do the migration for you, that too for free (only if you purchase a yearly plan). It is also good for those who don’t know the ABC of web hosting and want to start blogging or move their existing sites.

Now you would be thinking about how to get the free migration service? If yes, here are the steps –

Step 1 – Buy web hosting from SiteGround (Use this link to get 60% discount).

Step 2 – Fill your current domain information & other details.

Step 3 – Finalize your payment. Then after login in the first time, you will see a screen like this…

siteground free migration

Step 4 – Click on – Transfer an existing website

These are the only steps you need to follow in order to activate this feature. It’s easy and won’t take much time. If your site is too big only then only it will take some days. (But usually, it’s done in some business hours.)

#11 Affordable Pricing

We’re saying that SiteGround is affordable. Is it the truth? Well, check out below and you will find the answer by yourself. Their pricing ranges from 3.95$/month to 400$/month. It depends on your needs.’

These are the web hosting plans you can select with them –

SG All Plans

As you can see in the above screenshot there are many web hosting plans to choose from. But the most common plan among them is the first one which is of shared hosting. We will only cover the shared hosting plans in details.

SG Pricing

There are three plans in Shared Web Hosting from SiteGround, the one we started with is the GoGeek Plan (You will know about it in details in a short time). It is the most famous for shared hosting services.

The three shared plans are as follows –

  • StartUp (3.95$/month)

This plan is the best if you’re a new blogger it costs only 3.95$/month. It can handle 10k monthly visits easily. Other features you get are – 10 GB Disk Storage, Free Website Builder, Free SSL, etc.

  • GrowBig (5.95$/month)

The GrowBig plan is good for those who have already have a blog which gets decent traffic. It costs only 5.95$/month and the other features you will get with this are – everything is StartUp plan + free site transfer, SuperCacher, etc.

  • GoGeek (11.95$/month)

This is the biggest shared plan & you should only buy it if you have an established site. It costs 11.95$/month. Other features include – everything in GrowBig Plan + Site Staging, Free Backups on Demand, etc.

So these were the three SG Shared Web Hosting plans, select the plan according to your requirements and go ahead to purchase a plan with them. It is 100% worth the money.

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For Whom Is SiteGround Best For?

There’s no web host that’s perfect for all, same is the case with SiteGround. For most of the peoples like me, it is one of the best web hosts if not the best (in some cases). However, for some, it is just another decent web host.

SiteGround works best for new bloggers such as it did in our case. If you’re a new blogger and want to start with a good web host we recommend SiteGround blindly. However, if you receive visitors in millions then there are other good options like – DigitalOcean, CloudWays, Kinsta, etc.

We don’t use SteGround for our high traffic sites, in fact, we also moved to CloudWays after a year of using SiteGround. Why? Because for high traffic sites we don’t think SiteGround is the best. It can be better if it lowers their pricing a bit. But it’s good. Not so high and not so low.

Below we will talk about some of the things we like and dislike about SiteGround. Let’s begin…

Pros Of SiteGround

Here are the things we love about them –

  • Free Migration
  • Highly Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Affordable Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate & CDN
  • High Uptime

I hope you understand that I won’t be able to explain these pros in details because we have already covered them in details when talking about the features. If you want to read about them you will have to scroll up. (Sorry for that!)

I could have chosen each feature as a positive point but that wouldn’t have made any sense. At first, I wanted to do so but selected the only features which were important enough. And this would be filled with pros, we want to give a fair beating to the cons.

Cons Of SiteGround

Here are the things we want them to improve upon –

  • Setup Fee (If You Want To Pay On A Monthly Basis)
  • Limited Bandwidth & Disk Space
  • High Renewal Price (It will get doubled the next time)

The first con is Setup Fee which is free when you pay for a year, the support team will even migrate your site for free. However, if you want to pay monthly and want them to set up your site you will have to pay 14.99$ for that.

Next up we have limited bandwidth and disk space. SiteGround gets hate, for one thing, it’s that they limit the number of visitors you can get on a plan. However, it is clear about that in the plan details so it’s not cheating.

At last, we have a high renewal fee. Lots of web hosts do this and SG’s the same. In fact, it charges 3x the price but you can get a 30% discount on renewal if you purchase long-term plans. This is one thing we also faced.

If you’re ok with these three limitations then you can’t find a better web host than SiteGround. If you can’t deal three limitations then you’re better with another web host. These are the only limitations you will find with this web host.

A lot of bloggers don’t like to tell the third limitation as they fear they won’t get affiliate sales if they tell this. This isn’t the right thing to do i.e, I don’t like to keep you in the dark. After all, the pros outweigh the con by a huge margin.

Why Do I Recommend SiteGround To Beginners?

Do I recommend SiteGround to new bloggers? Yes, it’s my first recommendation to bloggers who are just starting out. A good host plays an important role in your blog’s success, what would you do if your site is down every second day?

Thankfully, there are not many issues with SiteGround. The only things I don’t like about them are the CPU resources usage limit, but my blogs never exceeded 100k page views per month with them so I can’t complain much.

The other thing is that their price is expensive even when comparing to companies like BlueHost which at first costs only 2.95$/month. SiteGround’s pricing starts at 3.65$/month. But it’s well worth the price.

I also used SiteGround as a beginner and can’t be happier. There were literally no issues during the time I used them, the site was never down. If I have to ever start again I would happily choose SiteGround again.

Sales Receipt - SiteGround

The above screenshot is of the invoice I received at my email address. The reason I’m showing this is that I want to show I’ve used their services, I don’t make reviews about the products I don’t use. You shouldn’t trust those who do reviews of products they don’t use. That’s a lot more common than you think.

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog you would know we promote SiteGround the most. It has 2 reasons – We are SiteGround affiliate i.e, we make money when someone buys web hosting through our link. (Read our Full Disclosure.)

The other reason is selling quality products helps us to build trust… If we promote bad products we will lose our reader’s trust & that’s something we don’t want to happen at any cost. It’s a top-notch web host and we promote them.

Final Thoughts…

There are many SiteGround reviews on the internet, so why should you trust this review? Well, the answer is simple – because I have used their web hosting and don’t just narrate their features as a review, unlike many bloggers.

No offense to real genuine bloggers, I have huge respect for those who don’t mislead their audience just for money. (Or, for any other reason.)

These days all the people are complaining about issues with their web hosts like – slow loading time, frequent downtimes, bad customer support, bandwidth problems and what not. It’s good that a company like SiteGround is still around. It is best if you’re a new blogger and want to go with a shared web host.

It’s one of the only web hosting companies which have many less negative reviews. This tells the popularity and reputation of SiteGround. Many website owners are shifting from other web hosting companies to SiteGround just because of their services. Usually, EIG hosts users are the one to make the switch, EIG brands have a mixed reputation.

Just for a limited time, you can host your site with SiteGround at a 60% Discount.

So, what are your thoughts? Did you like our SiteGround Review? Do you like them as a web host? If not, why so? What’s your favorite web hosting company? Let us know in the comments below…

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