Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2019 [ 50% Discount ]

So, are you looking for the Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal but can’t find one? If yes, your search ends right here. In this blog post, we are going to cover the Black Friday Deal from LTP (Long Tail Pro) by which you can get a 50% discount on all plans.

Another holiday season and here you have another great SEO deal. This time we are going to cover the Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal. It’s one of the well-known keyword research tools for finding long tail keywords (as the name suggests).

As a blogger, investing in quality tools is a must if you want to be better than your competition. Not everything is possible without the help of these tools. These tools make you more effective by getting the hard work done at the exchange for your money.

Now. during this Black Friday, you can get a 50% discount on all plans. There are a lot of features you get with Long Tail Pro. We will tell you why this deal is worth your money. Here’s the discount link for those who can’t wait to purchase it –

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Note – The deals will be live from 29th November 2019 (Black Friday) to 2nd December 2019 (Cyber Monday).

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Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2019 – 50% OFF ON ALL PLANS

long tail pro black friday  deal

About Long Tail Pro – Is it one of the best keyword research tools?

Long Tail Pro isn’t a new SEO tool, it was launched by Spencer Haws (owner of nichepursuits.com) and later sold to someone else. He created the tool because he wasn’t able to find a good keyword research tool at that time.

LTP is the best when it comes to finding untapped long tail keywords. It’s trusted by thousands of marketers online. If you’re looking solely for a keyword suggestion then it’s one of the best choices. However, it’s not only limited to finding long-tail keywords.

Here are some features of Long Tail Pro that you will get –

Keyword Research

The main feature of this tool, for which it’s known is keyword research. There are a lot of other SEO tools around but only one or two are made just for finding keywords. The only other tool in this department which comes close to LTP is KW Finder.

However, when it comes to finding long-tail keyword it’s second to none. Finding hidden keywords which can bring you a lot of search traffic. You will also see the difficulty score of all keywords, by which you can select the ones you can rank.

Rank Tracking

Do you want to run a business that makes its design based on estimations? If you’re a good businessman you’d say – Never! Working on estimations can lead to your businesses failure. The same case applies in blogging too.

If you’re not tracking for what keyword you rank for, at what position your site is currently at, you won’t be able to know if you’re making any progress at all. With Long Tail Pro you can track up to 1000 keywords daily (on the biggest plan).

Custom Keyword Difficulty Recommendation

Now, this is where it gets really amazing. There are a lot of tools which can do the above things like keyword research, rank tracking, etc. But there’s hardly any tool which can provide you a recommendation according to your site metrics.

Long Tail Pro will suggest you some keywords based on your site’s authority which will boost your organic visitors. Finding keywords you can rank for while having a low authority can be hard but it won’t be now with this feature.


Long Tail Pro has different plans for everyone, here we will cover them in short –

Starter – This is the first plan offered by LTP, it’s suitable for bloggers who have just started getting visitors for search engines. The features of this plan are – 800 keyword lookups per 24 hours, 30 tracked keywords, etc. It will cost you 25$/month.

Pro – The second plan, it’s best for people owning (or managing) sites which are established and get good organic visitors. The features are – 2500 keyword lookups per 24 hours, 200 tracked keywords, etc. This plan will cost you 45$ per month.

Agency – This is the last plan by Long Tail Pro and suitable for those who own SEO agencies. This is the ultimate plan. The features of this plan are – 6000 keyword lookups per 24 hours, 1000 tracked keywords, etc. It costs 98$/month.

How to activate the Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal?

Activating this deal is pretty easy & it won’t take much time. You just need to follow these steps –

Step #1 – Click this link to activate the 50% discount. You will be sent to Long Tail Pro homepage. There will be no need to apply the discount code as its auto-applied.

Step #2 – On the homepage, scroll down and you will see the plans. Select the plan according to your needs. (If you’re a blogger and own some medium size blogs the first plan will be enough for you.)

Step #3 – Click on Sign up now. Fill necessary details like your email, name, etc.

Step #4 – Pay using debit cards or PayPal. That’s all. Congrats for purchasing one of the best keyword research tools.

→ Activate Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal (50% Discount!) ←

Final Thoughts…

It’s no secret that getting traffic from search engines is very hard, in fact, most of the new bloggers quit due to lack of traffic. Investing in a quality SEO tool like Long Tail Pro helps you to target right long tail keywords and get more organic traffic.

There are only some keyword research tools which give competition to Long Tail Pro, one of those tools is SEMRush. But when you compare both of them you can see that Long Tail Pro costs less and is more focused on one thing i.e, keyword research.

There are a lot of other deals you can grab during this Black Friday. You will get deals on everything from SEO tools, Web Hosting to WordPress related deals. This deal from LTP is also one of our favorites. It does best when it comes to finding long-tail keywords.

So, what are your thoughts on this Long Tail Pro Black Friday? Have you grabbed this deal yet? If not, what’s holding you back? Which other SEO deal do you want us to cover?  Let us know in the comments box…

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