Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2019 [ More Than 66% OFF ]

Black Friday web hosting deals are back and this time we’ve got one of the best deals from Liquid Web.  If you’re someone who’s looking for the 2019 edition of the Liquid Web Black Friday deal, your search ends here.

Getting lost among deals is a common thing during the holiday season as there are a lot of deals but only some deals are worth your money. In this blog post, we are going to cover the Liquid Web Black Friday deal in detail. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Liquid Web is one of the most well-known and trustable web hosts out there. It’s perfect for those who want to buy VPS or dedicated servers. When it comes to Dedicated servers there’s hardly anyone who could compete with them.

During this Black Friday, you can get heavy discounts on web hosting and Liquid Web isn’t an exception. They are giving a heavy 66% discount on all plans. If you’re a busy person and have less time then here is the direct discount link –

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Note – The deals will be live from 29th November 2019 (Black Friday) to 2nd December 2019 (Cyber Monday).

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Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2019 – 66% OFF

Liquid Web Black Friday Deal

About Liquid Web – Is it one of the best web hosts?

Liquid Web was started way back in 1997 which makes it more than 21 years old web host. They specialize in providing a managed hosting solution to their users. However, they are known more because of their VPS and Dedicated web hosting.

It’s one of the big names in the web hosting industry and powers more than 500,000 websites. Liquid Web has 5 data centers around the world. They are one of the reputable web hosts which don’t treat their customers badly.

Here are some features which you will get with Liquid Web –

Full Server Access

Most of the web hosts never allow you to have full access to the server. Which is important if you’re a developer or want to make changes on the server site. With Liquid Web you won’t be restricted anymore, they provide full access to the server side.

On Liquid Web it’s easier to get the full server-side ownership. Which means you will also be able to edit your website via FTP and have access to developers tools like SSH, Git, and WP-CLI. It’s a good web host for developers.

Great Support Team

Being hosted with a web host without decent support is like being in a hospital with bad doctors who won’t take good care of you. Liquid Web is not one of those bad web hosts which don’t value their customers. They have an amazing support team.

Not only that they claim all the queries are seen by human staff under a minute. What else does one need more than that? On average, your queries will be solved in an hour. Their support team knows what they are doing, they are experts and helpful.

No Traffic Limits & Auto-Backups

Tired of web hosts which limit the number of visitors you get on a single plan? If yes, then Liquid Web is a better choice. They are one of the companies which don’t limit the number of page views you get, which is great if you have a high traffic site.

Another feature you will get with Liquid Web is daily auto-backups. With that, you won’t have to worry about creating the backups of your site daily. Site Backups come in handy when you mess up and want to restore your site again. (It has happened with us.)


There are different discounts provided by Liquid Web on Black Friday. The discounts are as follows – 33% on managed VPS, 66% on dedicated servers and 50% on managed WordPress. We will cover the managed WordPress deal. (It’s the most common plan.)

Here are the deals on Liquid Web Managed WordPress hosting during Black Friday –

Professional Plan – The most basic plan you will find on Liquid Web is this one. It’s good for established bloggers and marketers. It offers 50 GB SSD, 5 TB Bandwidth and can run up to 10 sites. The cost of this plan is 44.5$/month. (50% discount for 6 months.)

Business Plan – It’s the second WordPress plan by Liquid Web. If you have many sites then this is your best bet. The features of this plan are – 100 GB SSD storage, 5 TB Bandwidth, and you can manage 25 sites. It costs 74.5$/month. (50% discount.)

Agency Plan –  This plan is best for those who own a web development agency and want their clients with a good web host. Features – 200 GB SSD storage, 5 TB Bandwidth, and you can manage 25 sites. It’s cost – 144.5$/month. (50% discount.)

How to activate this deal?

Step #1 Visit this link to activate the deal. (You will be sent to the Liquid Web homepage.) There you will see all the plans at a discounted price. There will be no need to put a special code as it’s auto-applied.

Step #2 Select the plan according to your needs. You can select either one from the Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers or Managed WordPress plans. It depends on your budget and needs.

Step #3 Fill the necessary details like your name, email address, etc. Then select the payment option and pay.

Step #4 Congrats, you have just purchased your desired plan. Now set up your site, if you’re stuck somewhere just asl for help from support team or from us (only if you purchase through our link).

→ Get Web Hosting From Liquid Web ( Up to 66% Discount!) ←

Final Thoughts…

Liquid Web is one of the best web hosts if you’re looking for VPS or dedicated servers. However, they are anything but cheap. Premium things come at a price but with this Black Friday offer, you will be able to get a huge discount.

Most of the people who want to avoid the pain of shared hosting buy dedicated hosting. There are many benefits to it and Liquid Web provide fast, secure and powerful servers to serve all of your needs.

If you’re on a low budget and can’t spend much on Liquid Web we recommend CloudWays for getting Cloud VPS hosting. Or, you can go with SiteGround or A2 Hosting if you want to get shared hosting. It all depends on your budget.

So what are your thoughts about this Black Friday deal from Liquid Web? Have you activated this deal? If not, why are you waiting? What other deal do you want this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments box…

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