How To Get A Free .COM Domain Name For Lifetime?

So, you have finally decided to kickstart your online business? After thinking of many ideas you have got one. But where do I start? What’s the first thing I need to build my dream blog (or whatever you want)?

The first thing you will ever need if you want to start a blog will be a domain name. It’s essential to have a good domain name if you want to make a brand in the future. Getting a domain name is pretty easy and cheap for most people.

Usually, domain name costs 9$ for .org, 12$ for .net and 14$ for .com extension from popular domain registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. However, due to unawareness among people, they miss out on lots of amazing deals.

What if I tell you there are some methods to get a free domain name. And that too a .com extension, as you would know when you have a premium TLD (or domain extension) it helps to gain the trust of people.

There are some ways in which you can get a free domain name that too a .com extension. We are going to tell you exactly about the ways to get them…

How To Get a Free .COM domain name for life?

how to get a free .com domain name for life

So, do you want to get a free domain for life? I know you want to get a free .com domain name, but before that, you need to know why do some companies provide a free domain name. (You should know everything.)

Getting a domain name for free isn’t hard. But there’s a catch – to get a free domain name especially if you want a .com extension, you will have to buy web hosting from some selected companies. Think of it as a free bonus while buying web hosting.

Some hosting providers give you a domain name free for one year and later charge a yearly fee which is around 14.99$/year. However, there is a web hosting provider which provides a free domain name for a lifetime.

Apart from a lifetime free .Com domain you will get lots of amazing features like –

Fastcomet features

And these aren’t all, you will also get other benefits like free migration, free installation, 45-day money back guarantee, etc.

Since you want a .COM domain it means you are going to start a blog in some profitable niches and make lots of money with it. If you’ve been looking to start a blog for a long time then it’s a perfect time. The more you wait the more you will have to work later.

Click Here To Claim Your Free .COM Domain Now

A free domain name for life. Is this legit or scam?

Having a domain name with other company will cost you hundreds of dollars over the years. Let’s do some simple math: 14.99$ (per year domain renewal price) x 10 years (if you want to work for a long time) = 149$ over 10 years.

I get it, it may sound fishy and you would have also thought – Why would any sane company provide a domain name fora lifetime when others start charging for it after a year? But you don’t need to worry there’s nothing fishy about FastComet.

It’s one of the hosting companies that don’t rely on upsells or tripling their prices after one year. Overall, it’s one of the best web hosts. If you’re looking for a web host then it’s one of the better choices.

Here are the steps you should follow to get started…

Visit FastComet

Visit Fastcomet Homepage

Visit the homepage & click on see plans. (They are very helpful you can see the live chat options on the bottom right side.)

Select Your Plan

Fastcomet plans

Select your desired plan. It depends on your requirements & budget. If you’re a newbie then StartSmart is the best plan for you.

Register Your Domain Name

Fastcomet - register domain

Fill Your Account Details

The last thing you will need have to do in order to get your free domain with web hosting is to fill necessary account details. The details include – your name, email address, phone number, etc.

After you have filled ’em out proceed to checkout. You can either pay with your debit card or PayPal, it’s up to you.

Congrats, for your free lifetime domain name. Now, it’s time you start learning about blogging to become a successful blogger.

Other Methods To Get a Free .COM Domain For 1 Year

Now, the other methods by which you can get a .com domain name for 1 year also requires you to buy web hosting. There’s no company which provides a premium TLD domain without a catch. If you want it truly free then good luck with that. (It’s impossible.)

There are many other companies which provide a free domain name (for a year) if you buy any plan from them. Here’s the list of all hosting companies which offer a free domain name –

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is not only a trusted web hosting provider but also offer a free .COM domain name for the first year. What you gotta do is to buy any 1-year web hosting plan. You will need to pay 14.99$/year after the first free year.


BlueHost a rather well-known web hosting company also provides a free .COM domain name for 1 year. You will need to buy web hosting for at least 1 year to avail this offer. After a year you will have to pay 11.99$/year to renew your domain name.


DreamHost is one of our favorite web hosts, it also offers a free .COM domain name for the first year. It’s also the same as others you will have to get one-year web hosting to get your domain name. After 1 year, it will renew at 13.95$/year.

Not only these, but there are also a lot of other companies that provide a free domain name. Right now we want to keep this list short as the best option for you will be to get the lifetime free domain from FastComet

Final Thoughts…

There you have it, these were some ways by which you can get a free .com domain name. The only condition is that you have to buy web hosting from the same provider for at least one year. Buying a domain name from the same web host have both pros and cons.

If you want to get domain and web hosting from different companies then these methods won’t work. The different companies we suggest are – domain name from Namecheap & Web hosting from SiteGround (use our link for 60% discount).

So, have you got your first domain name already? Do you still have any questions about these offers? Do you need any help to set up your site? Let us know in the comments in the comments below.

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