How Much Money Do YouTubers Make In 2019? (Detailed Analysis)

Ever thought – How much money do Youtubers earn? I bet you’d thought this, that’s why in this blog post we are going to cover the methods which YouTubers use to make money. We will also cover some ways to know how much revenue they make each month.

Everyone nowadays wants to be a YouTuber, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t. The craze is real. It’s the case with millions of people. It’s one of the best ways to make money online.

Wanting to be a Youtuber & opening a YouTube Channel is one of the best ways to make a career online. (If you have the skills and patience.) After all, being a YouTuber does bring in fame and money. Who doesn’t love that?

But, there are a lot of doubts people still have about YouTube and one of the biggest doubts among them is the earning potential. They just don’t know how much they can earn with YouTube…

“How much money do YouTubers make?” or “How much money do YouTube Pay Per View?” These are the most commonly asked questions by those who want to get started with Youtube. All of your confusions will be clear at the end of this blog post.

So without further ado, let’s begin…

How Do YouTubers Make Money (A No-Bluff Guide)

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

To know how much money YouTubers earn, we need to know what methods they use to earn money. There are many ways by which YouTubers make money and we’re going to cover them all. The main ways YouTubers make money are –

  • Display Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships / Membership Platforms
  • Merchandise Selling

These are the most common ways YouTubers use to earn their livelihood. Now, not each method pays out the same, neither they have the same difficulty. Some ways can be used easily with fewer subs while the other needs a lot of subs to earn a decent amount.

What’s the best monetization method also depends on how much subs you have. Let’s know about each of them in details.

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is the most common way in which YouTubers earn money. Almost every YouTuber uses Google Adsense to monetize their videos. It’s the basic way of making money with YouTube.

If you have a YouTube channel and want to apply for YouTube AdSense, here’s the link you should visit. However, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill if you want to get approved. Your channel must have :

YouTube Monetization Guidelines

  • A minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • 4000 hours of total watch time in the last year.

Only when you fulfill these conditions you will be able to show ads on your YouTube channel and earn with Google AdSense. If you can’t meet the criteria you won’t be approved so fulfill them before applying.

The YouTube Partner Program also consists of YouTube Red which is a rather not so well known method among many. We will also cover this but first, let’s see how YouTube AdSense work.

How does YouTube AdSense work?

To simply put it (as you may know) YouTube Adsense allows YouTubers to show ads on their videos. Then you are paid according to how many people view and click on ads. To understand this you should know about some terms.

Major terms you should know about:

CPC (Cost Per Click) – CPC means the amount of money you make on a per click basis. It’s counted when someone will click on your ad. Suppose you make 2$ with 5 clicks, it will mean your CPC is 40 cents.

CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) – CPM means the money you make from 1000 ad views. On average, there are 2 ads on a single YouTube video. That means if 1000 people watch the video then there will be 2000 ad impressions.

CTR (Click Through Rate) – CTR means the % of people who clicked on ads. Suppose for 1000 views your earning is 6$ and there have been 30 clicks. The % of people who clicked on ads will be 3%, that’s the CTR.

RPM –  It’s the final amount you make from 1000 video views.

Not only these, but you should also know about the different kinds of ads that you can show. We are covering them in brief :

Overlay Ads – These ads usually come in Desktops and cover 20% area of your videos.

Skippable Video Ads – These are the most common YouTube ads. These are full-screen video ads that can be skipped after 5 to 6 seconds. You can place then at the start, middle or the end.

Bumper Ads – These are non-skippable video ads. Usually, their length is about 6 to 10 seconds.

Sponsor Cards – Sponsered cards show ads based on your videos. Your viewers will see them for a little time on their screen. These cards can be found at the top right bar by clicking at the info button.

What is YouTube Red & how’s it profitable for YouTubers?

There’s another way if you don’t want to use YouTube AdSense. It’s called YouTube Red, which is simply a subscription-based platform on YouTube. It allows YouTubers to create original content and make it available for those who subscribe to them.

The subscription isn’t free it costs money. For countries like the US, they can get all of the content on YouTube Red for 9.99$/month. There are also options for only subscribing your favorite YouTubers at a lower cost.

YouTube vs YouTube Red

If you don’t know anything about YouTube Red, you should read this. However, for making money with YouTube Red you need to produce very high-quality content and you should have a lot of followers. Else, it’s very tough.

Affiliate Marketing

Well YouTube Partner Program is a great monetization method but it sure does have some cons like low approval rate, you need to much traffic, etc. It’s not possible for everyone to make a good amount with it.

This is where affiliate marketing comes to the picture, many YouTubers especially those who own tech channels do it to boost their earnings. It’s one of the best monetization methods if you have to right targeted traffic.

Mainly the product reviews videos you see contain affiliate links in the description. It’s a goldmine as anything ranging from product reviews to unboxing can contain affiliate links. Most YouTubers use a combination of YouTube AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Not only YouTubers but Bloggers also use this combo. If you want your videos clean without any kind of ads placing affiliate links will be enough. Most of the affiliate programs have a minimum commission of 10$. (Which is good if you live in a developing nation.)

Let’s suppose you get 1 million views on your video & that traffic is targeted. Even with 10,000 affiliate link clicks and 500 affiliate sales you can make up to 5,000$ per video. That’s the power of affiliate marketing. Most of the YouTubers exactly do this.

Sponsored Videos

YouTube s one of the best platforms for marketers. That’s one reason why the YouTube Partner Program is so successful and lots of people want to become a YouTuber. After all, it’s the 2nd biggest website on the planet.

That being said, a lot of YouTubers aren’t interested in showing ads because their viewers hardly view all the ads. Have you ever watched an ad and then clicked on it? I bet that’s rare and is the very reason YouTubers also don’t want to show ads.

Even big brands know this and leverage the power of influencer marketing where they ask popular YouTubers to create sponsored videos about their product or services. Sometimes it’s the other way around and it still works.

It works like this – Brands sponsor a video i.e, give money to YouTuber to create a video, YouTuber creates a video and uploads it. the YouTuber will tell his/her experience with the product which makes other people know about the brand.

However, the big brand only works with established YouTubers. If you’re a small channel then you won’t be able to grab the sponsored posts. These big brands usually pay up to 10,000$ if your videos get a million views. It’s great for big YouTubers.

Some YouTubers also charge 5 to 10$ for 1000 views. It’s a huge amount and without a doubt, the highest profitable monetization method available for YouTubers. If your YouTube channel is small then you can work with small brands for a less amount.

Merchandise Selling / Membership Platforms

Membership Platforms – There are a lot of platforms where you can subscribe to YouTubers on a monthly basis. You can even subscribe to your favorite YouTuber for a monthly fee (through YouTube membership program).

One of the popular platforms that most of the YouTubers use is Patreon. Your subscribers can support you for as less as 1$ a month. Which may not look huge but when 5,000 people will support you would easily make 5,000$ per month.

Merchandise Selling – There are a lot of YouTubers who sell their own merchandise. Merchandise Selling simply means setting up a store and selling your own products. Some YouTubers earn in 5 figures just by selling merchandise.

Although, it does need a loyal subscriber base and you will need to set up your own online store. There are a lot of online store setup sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. What you need to have is quality products and a way to deliver them.

How much do YouTubers make per million views?

Well, there’s no exact answer to this question as it depends on a lot of factors. The main factors are the methods YouTubers use, the demographics of their visitors, their own niche (topic), etc.

Some factors which affect the earnings of YouTubers

The amount of money you can make with YouTube depends on the following factors –

Traffic’s Location & Demographics

The first thing that determines your YouTube earnings are your visitor’s demographics and location. It’s important to know about the people you’re going to target before you expect any income. These 2 things play a big role in determining your revenue.

The location factor is simple to understand if you target visitors from developed nations like the US, UK, etc. you will without a doubt, get more CPC (Cost per Click) as compared to visitors from developing nations like India, Brazil, etc.

Demographics means the people you are going to target or people who watch your videos. It’s easy, if you target people with high income then they will get ads related to their searches which in return will boost your earnings. The opposite is also true.

Niche Of Your YouTube Channel

The niche of your YouTube channel also matters a lot. It doesn’t matter what monetization method you’re familiar with if you don’t select the right niche you won’t be able to make decent money. Niche channel earn way more than channels about random topics.

Niche, in simple words, means the topic you’re going to cover in your YouTube channel. If you want to know how to find the right niche, read this guide (steps are the same for finding a YouTube niche). It’s a crucial part and shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s take an example – Suppose you own two channels. The first one is a tech one and the other one is of entertainment. Both get 1000 views, which one of them will make more money? If your answer is tech, then you’re correct.

An Entertainment channel may only get 5-6$/1000 views whereas a Tech channel can earn up to 10-20$/1000 views. Not only that, a Tech channel can earn in more ways like affiliate marketing, reviews, etc. That’s why it’s important to select a profitable niche.

Earning Method You Use

The earning methods you use clearly impact what your total profit will be. Some earning methods are better than the rest. We already know there are 4 main methods used by YouTubers to make money. So, what’s the best method?

There’s no answer as it depends on what your niche is, the number of views you get, etc. For starting out the best methods are display ads and affiliate marketing. When your channel is grown you can try other methods and find your best combination.

Number Of Subscribers & Video Views

While the number of subscribers you have doesn’t exactly tell how much you make it can sure have an impact. The more subs you have, the more views your new and old videos will get. Video views have a direct relation to YouTube Channels earnings.

It’s much better to make viral videos and gain more subscribers if you want to earn more. Also, buying subscribers and videos views is just a waste of money which many people do, they don’t have any influence over your earnings.

Create more epic content and it will surely boost your subs and views. It’s basic maths, a video with 1m views will definitely earn more money than a video with 40k views. There are many ways in which you can increase your channel’s views and subs.

YouTube Earning Estimations

Back to the main question “How much money do YouTubers make?” Till now, you would have got an idea about how YouTubers make money, now we will tell you about the exact figures you can make with YouTube.

Being realistic here, the most you can earn from 1 million views on your channels YouTube video will be around 2500$ to 3000$ with AdSense. That too only when you have video views from high CPC countries like US, UK, etc.

If you also use other methods like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts you can cross the 5000$ mark, but it will be difficult. A lot of people say you can earn up to 10000$ but those are extremely rare cases.

Yes, it’s also possible to earn around 10,000$ to 50,000$ per sponsored video but that’s only possible when you have subscribers in millions. These are the amounts that top YouTubers charge to big brands. And, being a top YouTuber is tough.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money from your TouTube channel, it will take some time but you will be able to earn your living with YouTube. Just don’t quit when things get rough. It takes a few videos to get viral on the internet.

Some Popular YouTubers And Their Earning Statistics

Enough of the serious stuff, it’s time to see some of the top YouTubers and their earnings –

#1 PewDiePie

Net Worth – $30-50 million

Earning Methods – YouTube Red, Sponsered Posts, YouTube Partner Programs, etc.

Earning in 2018 – $15.5 million

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, chances are if you’re on YouTube you know about him. His channel is currently the most subscribed channel with 88 million subscribers known as the 9-year-old army.

PewDiePie is known for his amazing sense of humor, (we also follow him)  he started his YouTube career in 2010. What makes his channel so amazing is that it’s filled with sarcasm. If you watch his channel you will never be bored.

#2 DanTDM

Net Worth – $45 million

Earning Methods – Merchandise Selling, Sponsered Posts, etc.

Earning in 2018 – $18 million

Daniel Robert Middleton known as DanTDM is a British Professional YouTube Gamer and Author. He started his channel back in 2012. The main focus of his channel is playing games of all kind. He’s one of the YouTubers who try out new games.

If you’re into gaming make sure you check out his channel. Out of the many games, he covers the most famous one is Minecraft (Which poor me never understood). Currently, he has 21 million YouTube subscribers.

#3 Dude Perfect

Net Worth – $20 million

Earning Methods – YouTube Partner Program, Sponsered Posts, etc.

Earning in 2018 – $20 million

Dude Perfect is a group consisting of 4 friends – Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. All of them were schoolmates and roommates. Their videos mainly consist of sports entertainment.

If you’re into sports entertainment, Dude Perfect is one of the best channels to follow. As of now, they have 39 million subscribers. The group started the channel in 2009. Their channel is great for learning about sports while having fun.

#4 Ryan ToysReview

Net Worth – $22 million

Earning Methods – Sponsered Posts, YouTube Partner Program, Merchandise Selling, etc.

Earning in 2018 – $22 million

You’d be surprised to know that a channel owned by an 8-year old earns more in one year that many people earn in their lifetime, but it’s true. Ryan Toysreview is a channel targeting kids earns more than $20 million a year.

The channel is managed by Ryan’s parents (of course). The channel was started back in 2015 and currently has 19 million subscribers. The monetization method they use are merchandising, YouTube AdSense, etc.

Source – Forbes

Tools To Find Out The Stats Of Any YouTube Channel

Now, you would be thinking about how we can easily know about the statistics of these YouTube channels. It’s simple we use some tools to spy on any YouTube channel we find interesting. Here are the best 2 Free tools to check the stats of any YouTube channels –



Social Blade is without a doubt the best tool available for finding stats about YouTube channels. It’s a site which tracks social media stats and analytics and is mainly known for providing YouTube stats but also give stats about other social media sites.

Social Blade currently tracks more than 23 million YouTube channels, 6 million Twitter profiles, etc. It gets more than 7 million visitors monthly. And the best thing is that it’s completely free for everyone to use. You just can’t miss on this amazing tool.

It was started way back in 2008 for tacking the famous website Digg. In 2010, they started tracking YouTube stats and it became more popular. Later they added more social media sites and now are the best site for finding YouTubers statistics.

Website – Social Blade



The only other site which comes close to Social Blade is Stat Sheep. It’s for those who want something different than Social Blade. While t may not be better than the former one, it isn’t bad in any way as it does have many features.

StatSheep was founded in 2011, their main aim is to provide detailed YouTube stats for channel owners and managers. It works the same ways as Social blade, you just need to put a YouTube channel URL and you will get the stats.

Apart from these you can also search for top YouTubers and compare them with each other. They also run a partnership program which is beneficial for those who want to monetize their YouTube channel. Overall, it’s a good tool.

Website – Stat Sheep

Summary & FAQs about YouTubers Earnings

Below you will find the summary of this post & some FAQs which many people have. Let’s begin…

1) How Much Money Does A YouTuber Make?

There’s no exact answer it depends on a lot of factors. The factors like earning methods used, demographics and traffic’s location play an important role in the final earnings.

However, on average, a YouTuber makes 100$ to 300$ monthly if he has 20,000 subscribers. The amount can be bigger if he has more subscribers. Bigger YouTubers earn way more than small YouTubers (Thanks, caption obvious).

2) How Much Do YouTubers Make Per 1 Millon Views?

If your video gets 1 million views you can earn up to $2500 to $3000. The amount can increase up to 10000$ mark with sponsored posts. If you use affiliate marketing and YouTube AdSense together you can earn $5000 to $6000.

3) What’s The Average Salary Of A YouTuber?

Well, YouTube doesn’t provide salary to its content creators. This isn’t well known. The channel owners create content and monetize it. YouTube takes 55% of the profit and distributes 45% remain to the channel owners.

And it’s interesting to see that the top 3% YouTubers gets 90% of the total views. So, you can assume that the big stars make way more than new small creators will. However, that doesn’t mean you can get some piece of the big cake.

4) How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per Subscribers?

YouTubers make money based on how many views they get. YouTubers don’t make money off subscribers directly but having many subscribers do influence the video views they get. Therefore, more subscribers mean more video views.

You should not only aim for more subscribers, but they should also be active. Having active subscribers is way better than having inactive ones as only the active ones will watch your videos. And you will only get paid for video views.

5) How Much Do YouTuber Make Per 1000 Views?

YouTubers make .005 cents to .01 cent per video views. Which means for 1000 views you should make almost 5$ to 10$, it also depends on other factors but take this as a maximum amount.

6) How Much Do YouTubers Make Per Video?

It depends on how many video views they get. If they get a million views they will make $2500 to $3000. If they get more views or they do a sponsored video then they will obviously make more than $3000.

7) How Many Views Do I Need To Make 100$?

If you want to receive payment from Google AdSense you need to cross the 100$ per month mark. So now the question arises how many views do you need to cross 100$? The answer is it depends.

However, let’s assume you make 1$ per 1000 views. (Being realistic.) If we go by this, you will need a minimum of 100k video views to get payment from YouTube AdSense. You will need fewer views if you get a higher RPM.

8) How Many Subscribers Will I Need To Make A Decent Income?

First of all, to get YouTube AdSense approval you will need a minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. So if you’re palling to make money with YouTube AdSense only then having a 1000 subscribers is a must.

Final Thoughts…

YouTube is, without a doubt one of the finest ways to earn money online. But like blogging and other ways it does require hard work and patience to make it big. There’s no shortcut if you want to become something in life. Unless you have no morals.

In this blog post, tried my best to cover all you need to know about how much money YouTubers make and the methods they use. It’s possible that I’ve missed something. We will try to keep this guide as updated we can. (We try to provide full knowledge.)

So, if you’re thinking of starting a YouTube Channel and becoming a YouTuber you should start now. If you want to look at other ways of making money online we recommend you start learning about blogging. It’s better than YouTube. (Our opinion.)

In case you have any questions or are still confused about anything, feel free to ask them in the comments box. And, if you liked our blog post you can share it with your friends, it will help in our growth. Thanks…

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