10 Best Web Hosts That You Can Trust! [Compared]

Finding a good web host is not easy. Especially when you’re just starting out. If you want to start a profitable business online then there’s no doubt one of the first things you’ll need would be web hosting.

It’s impossible for you to start anything online whether it’s a blog, site or an online store without getting web hosting. Sure, there are free web hosts but they aren’t good. Nothing is free, and if something’s free then you’re the product.

The only thing that doesn’t require web hosting at the start would be freelancing, but still, later you will need it to set up a portfolio site. So, we can say that using a good web host is a necessity.

There are a lot of hosts, but the issue is most bloggers promote only those web hosts which offer a huge commission. And, not every web host is good! Some web hosts are just way too bad and have a bad reputation.

This list has every kind of web hosting provider i.e if you’re looking for only shared hosts, cloud hosts or managed hosts, etc. you can check them in other posts. So without further ado let’s begin our list.

The 10 Best Web Hosts Which Are Exceptional!

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#1 SiteGround

There’s a reason why you will find SiteGround on most of our recommended web hosts lists. The reason is we’re a little biased as this blog is also hosted with SiteGround and we’re too much happy with their web hosting.

SiteGround is undoubtedly the best web host for us, even if they have a few limitations. And, their only major flaw is they have limitations of numbers of visitors on small plans. If you have a high traffic site then they will be expensive.

There’s are tons of reasons we recommend SiteGround to newbies. It’s the perfect host for beginners, I’ve been with them from the start of my blogging journey. Getting your site hosted with them is worth every single penny.

Even if you’re aren’t a newbie you can still go with SiteGround. They offer a wide range of web hosting from shared to cloud servers. SiteGround plans are a little costly than other shared web hosts, but quality comes at a price.

SiteGround is one of the hosts which is recommended by WordPress.org. Their pricing starts from 3.95$/month, it’s a decent price to pay for getting started. Without a doubt, SiteGround is one of the greatest web hosts.

#2 A2 Hosting

Another web hosting that I have used for my niche blog and I gotta say – A2 Hosting is not your average web host. If you want to have a fast loading site but are on a low budget then you should try out A2 Hosting.

It’s an ideal host to get your blog started, I’ve used the Lite plan for my other blog. A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable and average priced web hosts. Their web hosting plans are good for new bloggers, having not so many cons.

You might have never heard of them as they aren’t much famous on the internet as Bluehost or HostGator. It’s a shame, that many people don’t know of them. They claim to have the fastest shared web hosting. And, provide up to 20x speed.

I have to say that their claims are true to some extent, they are indeed the fastest shared web host. Although, the word shared hosting and speed never go hand in hand. Some hosts are truly better than the rest, A2 Hosting is one them.

Their pricing starts from 3.92$/month. It’s not even that costly, and when you buy a quality web hosting that an investment. Some web hosts are as cheap as 1$ a month and are absolute shit. In the end, it’s your choice!

#3 Kinsta

Kinsta – A Managed WordPress hosting company, launched in 2013 has now become one of the best, if not the best-managed WordPress host. There are only one or two web hosts which can give Kinsta a run for its money.

Kinsta web hosting runs on the Google cloud platform, which makes it super powerful. Most of the managed WordPress hosting you see is in fact, shared hosting. If you’re only after truly managed WordPress hosting then it’s the best choice.

It’s trusted by many bloggers worldwide. And, in a short time, they have bested their competitors like WP Engine, etc. They provide lots of amazing features and aren’t overpriced. Sure, Kinsta is costly but you’re paying for the quality.

Time is money, and a bad web host will be down for a long time. Such isn’t the case with Kinsta, they are one of the web hosts which prioritize their customers time. Their support team knows what they are doing so you won’t need to worry.

Some of the features you get with Kinsta are – free migration, WordPress expert support, custom dashboard, on-demand back-ups, etc. Their pricing starts from 30$/month. It’s a web host which more and more people should use.

#4 Cloudways

Cloudways provides you a new way to host your WordPress sites. It’s different than most of the others host as it has a huge learning curve. But if you’re planning to go with Cloudways then you will surely get blazing fast loading speed.

It’s built for those who are familiar with the development side and want maximum power for their sites. You can host your site on six top cloud providers: DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, Vultr, Kyup & Google Cloud with Cloudways.

It’s can also be used as a managed WordPress host. It’s one the most powerful web host, but setting it up a hassle for non-techy peoples. Their pricing depends on the specs you need, and the cloud provider you select.

If the set up was easier it would have been much higher on this list. Their support is decent but not perfect. However, their support team will help you through live chat whenever you’re stuck. They are available 27×7 for any queries.

The basic plan with DigitalOcean starts at 10$/month. With their 14 day trial, you can play with things and get used to them. That’s a great way for getting non-tech people (yes, including me) to try them out.

#5 WPX Hosting

Formerly known as Traffic Planet, WPX Hosting is now becoming one of the top managed WordPress hosting providers. Even if I’m a big fan of SiteGround I gotta say WPX Hosting looks like a great alternative to SiteGround.

There are many features at which WPX Hosting excels. As you would know, WPX Hosting is a premium Managed WordPress hosting provider, whose pricing is good (but not cheap) and provide tons of features.

WPX Hosting also offers their own CDN service, WPX Cloud for free to their users. Their support is knowledgeable and knows how to fix any WordPress related problems. They also have perfect positive reviews. (Just like SiteGround.)

Apart from the above, some features are – free site migrations, manual backups, 99.95% uptime guarantee, etc. Their plans start from 24.99$/month, they don’t rely on upsells and their prices don’t double (or triple) after the first year.

WPX Hosting is built for Speed! The only thing which stops them from being our top recommendation is that not every newbie can afford them. But they are worth the price if you have the budget get WPX Hosting.

#6 FlyWheel

FlyWheel started in 2012 has become one of the best managed WordPress web host, it’s in the same place as Kinsta and WPX Hosting. It’s a host which allows you to utilize their power to make your dream site come alive.

It’s a great option for those who want to make use of every resource available. They had more than 50,000 people using their services in 2016, till now the number has only grown. They provide many powerful features to their users.

Some of FlyWheel’s features include – free migrations, one-click staging sites, free SSL certificates, built-in site stats, etc. It’s a powerhouse, and only the above-mentioned hosts give them competition for the best-managed WordPress host.

One thing that we don’t like about FlyWheel is that they are overpriced when compared with its competition. Their pricing starts from 15$/month that too for only 5,000 visitors. However, it has 250 GB bandwidth and 5 GB disk storage.

If you have tried other managed WordPress hosts and aren’t satisfied with their services (which isn’t likely) then you can go with FlyWheel. You can go with FlyWheel if you’re going to make big apps. But it’s not perfect for newbies.

#7 LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is an established web hosting company, they have been in the business since 1997. LiquidWeb hosts more than 40000+ sites and has many big brands like Red Bull, ESPN, etc. as their clients.

Liquid web provides VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and managed cloud hosting. They have one of the best support staffs, fast response time and great reputation. But their cost is also above other web hosts, but they worth it.

Some of the features of LiquidWeb are – fast hosting, uptime guarantee, amazing support, etc. They are one of the companies which don’t have a ban on the numbers of plugins. You can use as many plugins you want.

There are only some cons to LiquidWeb hosting like – no shared hosting,no-money-back guarantee, etc. And, they are one of the most costly web hosting out there. It’s excellent for established experts, newbies won’t be able to afford it.

They are indeed a popular web hosting company but that doesn’t make them perfect for everyone. It’s great for established bloggers or site owners, but for new bloggers, they should have shared hosting plans. Else, they’re good.

#8 DreamHost

One of the oldest web hosting company, DreamHost was founded in 1996 and serves more than 400,000 users. With the experience of more than 20 years, it’s one of the best web hosts and suitable for both new and pro bloggers.

DreamHost offers shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud and managed WordPress hosting. It’s one of the most versatile web hosting providers. No matter what kind of web hosting you want, you will get it with Dreamhost. Having more options is good.

DreamHost pricing is straight-forward i.e, they don’t rely on upsells or give heavy discounts to get new customers. But some may find their plans costlier than other hosts. Their basic plan starts at 16.95$/month for DreamPress (managed WordPress).

Their plans come with some powerful features – 100% uptime guarantee, fast SSD servers, custom control panel, etc. If you want to try a web host that’s a little unique then DreamHost is a good choice. Plus, their performance is among the top hosts.

Overall, DreamHost is a great web host. They have all the things necessary for a top web host and are one of the top three web hosting officially recommended by WordPress. It’s a host that has a solid reputation and is worth using.

#9 FastComet

FastComet, a not so well known host which has been in operation since the 2000s is now becoming more and more known. They are one of the hosts which are not so popular but provide great web hosting. FastComet serves more than 12000 users.

The offer 3 types of hosting – cloud VPS, shared and dedicated. It’s another host which can be trusted by anyone be it newbies or experts. Like some other hosts in this list, FastComet also has a transparent pricing i.e, they don’t rely much on upsells.

Their basic plan starts from 2.95$/month. It’s a decent cost for starting out. In recent times, FastComet has been getting more and more positive reviews. It won’t be much time they start appearing in every top shared host list.

Some of the features on every plan of FastComet are – SSD servers, rocket boosters, Web App Firewall, Malware removal, etc. One other thing we like about FastComet is that they provide a free domain for lifetime. (Which no host does.)

FastComet also boasts of solving 93% queries within 10 minutes. Support is available via ticket, email or live chat. Many people feel overwhelmed with information while visiting their homepage, so you should decide what you want from the start.

#10 WP Engine

A big name in managed WordPress hosting, you would have heard of WP Engine before. They were the first web host which focused only on providing hosting for WordPress sites. They manage over 80,000 clients and some big names.

There are a lot of experts who recommend WP Engine as the best-managed WordPress host but we have mixed feelings about them. Most the times WP Engine is recommended just because they give a huge affiliate commissions

They are a good host but chances are you can face their bad side. Some of the features of WP Engine are they are fast, secure, provide daily backups, etc. Many have reported bad experience after some years of usage.

WP Engine is powerful host they have all the features which one wants from a premium host. If you want to go with a premium WordPress hosting provider – WP Engine is a good choice. It’s an established web host.

I would still recommend Kinsta or WPX Hosting over WP Engine (due to the cost difference). I don’t think WP Engine is bad, every web host has some upcoming and shortcomings, none is perfect. You should go with them.

Final Thoughts…

These were the top web hosts, and there are more. This list will be updated as I find more trustable and quality web hosts. All of the web hosts in this list are of top quality, you can choose from one of them without any worry.

The best host depends on your needs and budget. If you’re low on budget then shared hosting is the best one. Whereas, if you can spend as much as you want then you can go with a cloud or managed WordPress host.

As for the top picks, my favorites are SiteGround (this blog’s also hosted there), A2 Hosting, Kinsta, WPX Hosting, then other web hosts. Again, the best web host for you – depends on your requirements like traffic, storage, etc and budget.

So, What’s your most trusted web host? What features do you want to have in every web hosting plans? Which web host do you use the most? Which web hosting company is your least favorite? Tell in the comments below.

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