10 Best Domain Registrars – From Where To Buy Domain Names?

Are you looking for the best domain registrars to register your domain name? Then your search ends here – In this blog post I’ve listed the top 10 domain registrars (with their pros & cons).

Before you start looking for domain registrars, you should know how to select the perfect domain name for your blog. Because it’s super important!

Now, if you’ve already found a perfect domain name – you’re good to go. If not, here are some tips which will help you find a domain name.

When you want to start a blog (or website) – getting a domain name is the first that you should do. After all, your website or blog should have an amazing name.

I will assume you know the meaning of a domain name. It’s the web address of your blog (or, website). So, how do you get a domain name?

This is where the domain registrars come in. By the end of this blog post, I’m sure you will be able to find the best domain registrar to purchase your domain name.

Now, before we get into the top domain registrars we must know what they actually are. Right?

Let’s start…

What’s A Domain Name Registrar?

Domain registrars are companies which allow you to purchase and register your domain name.

Suppose – you want to purchase a domain to start a blog. You will approach the domain name registrar to purchase your domain name. If someone hasn’t already bought it then you can register it on a yearly basis.

That’s how the domain registrars work. (In simple words.)

A domain registrar is a company which has  TLD (Top Level Domain) or an ICANN accreditation to register domain names. These are the companies from where you can buy domain names.

There are some companies which offer both domain names & web hosting.

Watch Out For These Things – When Selecting A Domain Registrar!

Any company providing domain names can say – “We are the best domain name registrar, you should buy domain name only from us”. Doesn’t this sound like you’ve heard this many times?

Every company promotes itself as the best one. But they’re always biased. Well, they have to as it’s their only choice but it’s our duty to check if they’re lying or not.

Below are the things you must consider while selecting a domain registrar.

#1 Customer Support

No matter which domain name provider you choose, customer support is damn important! We all need a support team whenever need help. After all, not everyone is an expert at handling the technical aspects.

A good domain name provider must have 24×7 chat support. It’s a bonus if they will also be providing support via tickets, email support, phone calls, etc. (This shows that a company cares about its customers.)

#2 Domain Transfers

Domain Transfer means the process of moving your domain from one registrar to another. There are times when you will feel that you need to move your domain to another registrar. One reason might be high renewal rates.

Most of the domain providers don’t ask for any fee to transfer the domains but some do. So, it’s important that before you buy a domain from somewhere, you should check the transfer policy and transfer rates.

#3 Pricing & Registration Period

Now, this is the thing that you should consider the most. There will be a lot of pricing options when you will go and purchase a domain name. When starting out just purchase the domain name for one year and put it on auto-renewal.

You can purchase the domain name for up to 5 to 10 years. (It’s your choice!) Also, don’t forget to check the renewal price. Some companies provide domains at a low price for the first year then their price goes very high at the time of renewal.

#4 Reputation

It’s good to go with the domain name provider which has a good reputation. A great domain name provider will have a ton of good reviews about them. And, for a bad domain name provider, it’s just the opposite.

You should do your research before purchasing anything be it a domain name, web hosting, etc. If you choose a bad domain name provider it’ll also be harmful to your business (0r your blog).

#5 ICANN accreditation

ICANN is the short form for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It’s the organization whose main aim is to make the internet more secure. You should only buy domains from ICANN accredited domain name providers.

And, also don’t ever buy domains from resellers who purchase domains on your behalf. Only purchase domains through ICANN registered domain name providers. (It’ll save you from a lot of trouble.)

#6 User Experience

Once you purchase a domain name, you should see if the user experience you’re getting is good or not. You should see if the control panel is easy or hard to use. It can be a real headache if the control panel isn’t easy to navigate.

It’s important because when you’re having a poor user experience everything will be a big mess. You won’t be able to set up DNS, email address or even a CMS like WordPress. You don’t that happening to yourself. Right?

#7 Additional Services

Many domain companies not only sell domain names but also other services. Some of the other services that these companies may offer you are – WordPress hosting, email hosting, and some certificates.

Of course, you don’t need to buy all of these. But, it’s better to have some services like a professional email address. (Some will offer this for free.) Take your time and only purchase what you need. (Not what you want.)

#8 Drop Catching

There will be times when you will forget to renew your domain name. What do you think will happen next? Your domain name will expire and be opened up for other people i.e, they can purchase your domain name. Isn’t that scary?

If you lose your domain name it’ll be a fatal loss for you, all your hard work will go in vain. But, some domain name providers offer services that hold the domain name before expiring & sends you an email about it. (Look out for them.)

List Of The Best Domain Registrars – 2019

Best Domain Registrars

Now, it’s time to find out the best domain name registrars. Let’s check them out –

#1 Namecheap

Namecheap is a great choice for purchasing your first domain name. They also have a clear user interface, which makes sure you will never get confused. Plus, it’s easy to configure your site with their clean & easy to use control panel.

Namecheap was founded in 2000 and since then it has become a popular domain registrar. I highly recommend Namecheap, it should be your first choice to buy a domain name. And, they also have an amazing customer support team.

Namecheap is the site which I trust with most of my domain names. Their web hosting plans are also cheap. You can get a domain name from 10.69$/year from Namecheap. (That’s a reasonable price. Right?)

As their name suggests, with Namecheap you can register domain names at a reasonable cost. Although, not so cheap they don’t rely on too many upsells i.e, offering additional services at an extra cost.

#2 GoDaddy

GoDaddy is without a doubt the most popular domain registration company. (Thanks, to all the promotion they’re doing.) They are also the biggest domain registrars. GoDaddy manages more than 76 million domain & almost 20 million customers.

GoDaddy has been in the domain & web hosting business for a very long time. The company started out in 1997 and has been going strong even after 20+ years. Their customer support team is also good.

Although, their web hosting services are not worth much praise. They have improved a lot, compared to the last years. But for purchasing domains, they are one of the best. I’ve also used GoDaddy to purchase domain names in the past.

GoDaddy has more than 30% market share of domain registrars. It just proves how much popular they are. Also, new users can get a .com domain name for .99$ (99 Cents) for the first year.

#3 Name.com

Name.com is also in the domain name business for a long time. Like all the others domain name providers in this list, Name.com is also an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. It was started out in 2003.

With Name.com, you can purchase domain names at a reasonable price. However, they are much more focused on the satisfaction of their customers. That’s why they have such a good reputation, their support is great.

Name.com also offers web hosting to its customers. The price of web hosting starts from 3.99$/month. And, the price of a .com domain will be 10.99$/year. Their price range is good and you can get a domain even if you’re on a small budget.

Also, Name.com doesn’t have many upsells or any hidden fees. You don’t have to worry about paying much more for your domain name. Overall, Name.com is a pretty good choice for buying a domain name.

#4 1&1 IONOS

1and1 is another well-known domain selling company. It was started way back in 1988, which makes it the oldest company in this list. 1&1 is known for selling domains at a cheap price.

They are a great choice for registering your first domain name. In fact, even the first domain name I purchased was through 1and1, way back in 2015. And, I only paid .99$ for a .com domain name. (I’m never going to forget that.)

Like I said, you can also purchase a .com domain name for only .99$ (99 Cents). But it’s only for the first year after that you’ll have to pay almost 13.99$/year. (Just like GoDaddy.) Remember, I told you to check renewal prices!

They are the cheapest domain name registrar and their support is also good. 1and1 also has good reviews. They are quite good. You can go ahead and purchase a domain name with 1and1.

#5 DreamHost

DreamHost was started back in 1997. They are one of the best domains and web hosting providers, hosting more than 1.5 million+ sites on their servers. And, having more than 400,000 customers.

If you’re looking to purchase domains and managed WordPress hosting together then DreamHost is one of the best choices. But you’ll need a pretty solid budget. They only offer services which are of the highest quality and there’s no compromise in that.

DreamHost is also one of my favorite web hosting company. You can also purchase domain names from DreamHost. However, their interface is clean but not so easy to use for everyone. (Also, they don’t offer any discount on domain names.)

They also have a dedicated support team. You can trust DreamHost for purchasing a domain name, they are a good domain name provider. It’ll cost you only 9.95$/year to get a .com domain name from DreamHost.

#6 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another web host company that also sell domain names. It is well-known much for its managed WordPress hosting. You can purchase many top-level domains (TLDs) form A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting provider an easy to use and user-friendly platform which you can use for domain searching, registration and managing your website. If you’re looking for both – managed WP hosting and a domain name, I highly recommend A2 Hosting.

You can purchase both the domain name & web hosting from A2 Hosting. Purchasing a domain name from A2 Hosting will cost you 14.95$/year. And, if you also want to host your WordPress site the cost will start from 3.99$/month (for shared hosting).

Their pricing may look high but it’s worth the cost. They are not only limited to domains and hosting, but you can also get – custom email, ID protection, and many other services from A2 Hosting.

#7 HostGator

HostGator is a well-known web host. It was started back in 2002. Later EIG purchased HostGator in 2012, and they are still owning the company with many other hosting companies. (EIG controls over 60+ web hosting brands.)

HostGator is a good choice to purchase your domain name. They are trusted by more than 400,000 customers and host 9 million+ sites. HostGator is mainly popular as a web hosting company.

It will cost you 12.95$/year to get a .com domain name. However, even if you purchase the smallest web hosting plan which costs 2.75$/month you will get a single .com domain name for free. (Because their main aim is to sell web hosting.)

So if you want to buy a domain name and decent web hosting. You can go ahead with HostGator and get your domain name. They are, after all, one of the most popular web hosting brands in the world.

#8 Google Domains

The internet giant Google launched Google Domains in 2015. Even if it’s still in beta version, you can purchase your domain from them. After all, Google is one of the biggest companies in the world.

Google Domains offers a simple & easy to use interface, which makes purchasing and managing domain names hassle free. Everything that Google makes is simply amazing! In the coming years, Google Domains is going to be one of the best domain registrars.

Buying a .com domain will cost from Google domains will cost you 12$/year. And, they also have many new domain extensions which will be popular in upcoming years.

You can purchase your domain name form Google Domains without any fear, they will get out of the beta version in some time. Their US support team is also available 24×7. Go ahead and get your domain name with Google Domains.

#9 BlueHost

BlueHost is another web hosting company on this list who also sells domain names. If you’re starting out you would have heard of BlueHost because many people are promoting them. After all, they are a popular web host.

Just like HostGator, EIG also owns BlueHost. BlueHost started back in 2003 and after 2010 EIG bought them. (EIG be like – Eat, Sleep, Buy web hosting companies, Repeat.) Jokes aside, EIG is a damn big organization.

If you want to buy a .com domain from Bluehost it will cost you 11.99$/year. Also, when you purchase web hosting from BlueHost, you will get a .com domain free of any cost. The smallest web hosting plan costs 3.95$/month.

It’s a good idea to buy a domain name from BlueHost. They have great brand value and their support them is also good. You can purchase your domain name from BlueHost. (I have mixed feelings about BlueHost.)

#10 Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting was started in 2001. They are one of the most popular web hosting companies. Not only that, they are one of the best web hosts out there. Apart from web hosting, you can also get domain names from inmotion hosting.

Buying a .com domain name from Inmotion Hosting will cost you 14.99$/year. The same price applies for .us, .net, .info, .biz domain names. Inmotion Hosting also offers 24×7 customer support via live chat, email, phone, and Skype.

But if you purchase any web hosting plan then you can get a .com domain name free of any cost. (After all, they are a web hosting company.) Their smallest web hosting plan will cost 6.39$/month. They are a little bit costly but a good web host.

Overall, they have a pretty good reputation. So you can try them out if you want to. Go ahead and buy your domain name with Inmotion Hosting. They have more than 300,000 customers, this much people can’t be wrong!


So, here is my list of the best domain registrars from where you can purchase domain names. These are some of the best domain name registrars I’ve found.

If you’re a newbie and are on a tight budget you should buy domains from NameCheap & 1&1 IONOS. (I personally use them to manage my domains.)

There are also many domain name registrars which I’ve not included in this blog post. But, I will add them in a short period of time. This list will be updated regularly.

So, which one do you think is the best one to buy domain names? And, which one do you think I should remove from this. Let us know in the comments box below. 😉

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