7 Benefits of Working On a Niche Blog

“Multi niche blog” or “single niche blog” Which one should I choose? This is one of the many questions that go through the head of new bloggers. Even I’ve gone through this, and getting the answer was hard.

But after blogging for almost 2 years, I know the answer, and that is you should always start a blog on a single niche. Niche blogging has a lot of benefits. But before going into the details here’s its meaning –

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. Niche blogs (also commonly referred to as “niche websites”) may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people.”

In simple terms, Niche blogging means blogging about a specific topic. This blog’s niche is blogging i.e, you will find topics which only deal with blogging. It won’t cover topics like health, sports, etc.

One of the biggest misconception newbies have is – they think a multi-topic (or a multi-niche) blog gets more traffic. This is, in fact,  one of the biggest mistakes they make which results in their failure.

A multi-niche blog will only work when you have an authority blog, which is more than 12 years old, having a 90+ DA, etc. Which is impossible. It’s better to stick with a single niche blog, and in this article, I’ll tell you why.

7 Reasons Why You Should Focus On a Single Niche

Well-Defined Audience

The biggest benefit of having a niche blog over a multi-niche blog is your audience is well-defined. With niche blogs, it’s possible to build a loyal reader base, which is impossible with multi-niche blogs.

If you’re a blogger then you will come again and again to this blog for learning more about blogging. Suppose, from tomorrow, I start writing about sports or entertainment. Will you be interested in visiting this blog? I guess No. Right?

You won’t come to read about other topics, as it isn’t the purpose of this blog. And, I will lose one of my loyal readers. You can only build a loyal reader base when your blog is on a single topic. I’d also unfollow a blog which doesn’t stick to a single niche.

Apart from getting a loyal reader base, niche blogs also target a well-targeted audience. Like, this blog is about blogging so my defined audience is of bloggers. This blog is read by all bloggers, experts, and newbies. I’m clear about for whom I’ve to write.

Think about it, if you’re having an interest in blogging then for sure, you will read a blog that’s about blogging rather than any other multi-niche blog. Information is present everywhere, yet we always choose to read niche blogs.

Better SEO

Doing proper SEO is the backbone of a successful blog. Even if you have other traffic sources, ignoring SEO is a very big mistake. If you want to run a blog for a long time it’s a must and requires you to be focused.  (On a single topic.)

Google really love Niche Blogs. When you blog on a single topic, Google thinks you’re an expert. This is the very reason the top positions are every time held by niche blogs. Have you ever seen a general blog ranking for many terms? I haven’t seen it.

Although, it’s possible, for that you must have already have an old established blog. And, it’s damn rare for multi-niche blogs to rank above niche blogs. Doing SEO on a multi-niche blog requires much effort, money and time.

If you want to do SEO on multi-niche blogs you will have to hire SEO experts. (Which isn’t a cheap method.) Where as, doing SEO on single niche blog is easy. You can do it yourself, there’s no need for hiring anyone to do SEO. 

Having a niche blogs increases your chances of ranking higher in SERPs and getting more CTR, which is getting more visitors. More visitors means more loyal readers. These are things which are hard to achieve with a multi-niche blog.

Easy To Grow A Community

Most of the bloggers think that it’s not important to build a community around their blog. They are WRONG! Building a community has many benefits. If you don’t grow a community while your competitors do, you will always be behind them.

A blogging community can be anything – Fb groups, LinkedIn groups, etc. These are good for engaging with your readers and getting to know them personally. Your readers will feel better if you communicate with them. 

I’ve been a part of many Fb groups which are run by bloggers, and other internet marketers. I have seen people engaging with bloggers, sharing their posts, purchasing their products and much more. There are no cons to it.

Suppose you have 2 blogs – one multi-topic blog and other the single one. Which one would be easier to grow? Of course,

It’s much easier to build a community when your audience is well-defined…

One other thing is – if you have a multi-topic blog and decide to create a general community, it will be filled with spam. That’s a pain in the (you know), you will be good with starting a niche blog and sticking to it.

Low Cost Of Operation

Believe it or not: managing a multi-niche blog requires much more investment than a niche blog. Suppose, on a multi-niche blog you are writing about 10-15 categories. How will you get the content for all these categories? Who will create the content?

Of course, you will have to hire writers and getting high-quality content isn’t cheap. At a minimum, you will still have to pay about 1 cent per word that converts to 10$ per 1000 words. You will have to update all the categories.

That will be costly, if you’re a new blogger and don’t want to go your costs go up then start a blog only on a topic you are interested. If you’re interested in a topic then definitely you will be able to write about it. You also won’t have to pay anyone.

Not only the cost of content is higher in multi-niche blogs, you will have other extra costs like doing SEO, different promotions methods, etc. Multi-niche blogs are hard and costly to operate. You won’t be focused on one thing.

Where as, if you start a niche blog there won’t be many costs. You can do all the things on your own. The work isn’t much and you will be able to focus on one thing. Niche blogs also have costs, only when you decide to expand your blog as a business.

More Conversions = More Profit!

Which of the following two blogs will have a better earnings?

  • A niche blog serving targeted ads?
  • Or, a multi-niche blog serving untargeted ads?

If your answer is the first niche blog then you have hit the bulls eye. (If not, you have a long way to go my dear friend.)

It’s no secret that a niche blog gets more targeted traffic. With targeted traffic, you can serve more ads related to the topic and it will have a better CTR (click through rate). Having a better CTR in return increases your earnings. 

Of course, selecting the right method to monetize a blog is also important. When done correctly, niche blogs can make a shit ton of money.  You can’t just think that only ads are great for earning money. 

I’ve seen fellow bloggers make thousands of dollars with only 20k to 30k traffic per month. I’ve also seen bloggers make only a thousand dollars with 500k to 600k traffic. Selecting the right monetization method is pretty important.

But, all the blogs which make more money are niche blogs. The readers on the niche blogs will convert much better. If you’re serious about blogging then stay away from niche blogs. It’s difficult to make money from them.

You Will Become An Expert

What does it require to become an expert at anything? How does a normal person achieve the status same as a professional? I know nothing, I want to be an expert. But don’t know how to? These questions seem hard but are easy to answer. 

You can say the things you should do to become a pro (at anything) is practice it again and again. You shouldn’t allow your mind to be distracted i.e, focus at only one thing at a time. This applies in blogging too.

fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. – Bruce Lee

When you are focused on a single blogging topic, work on it day and night you will obviously succeed. To succeed and become a master you gotta be working on a single thing. With niche blogs will become an expert pretty fast.

Suppose you are running a multi-niche blog. Will anyone consider you an expert? No. If you want to become an authority blogger you got to stick on a single topic, learn everything about it and pass the knowledge to your readers.

More Linking Opportunities

Getting backlinks is hard! It’s not easy to get hundreds of quality backlinks from blogs that are in the same niche. However, if you’re working on a single niche blog getting backlinks will be much easy as compared to getting backlinks for a general blog.

When people consider you an expert on a topic getting backlinks is more easy. More and more bloggers link out to you, they include your blog in top blogs in the niche. They also consider you a pro so they include you in top bloggers list.

Your blog won’t be included in a top blog list if you have a general blog. Bloggers only link out to blogs which have higher authority, and how do you build an authoritative blog? Yes, my friend, by working and becoming an expert on a single topic.

Of course, you need to have great content but I’ve seen bloggers getting backlinks just due to their names and brand image. (And, social following too.) Linking to top bloggers in a list article is a way to make them share your articles and get traffic.

But that’s another story if you become an expert and develop a loyal reader base. You will definitely get featured in more blogs. That’s one great way to build backlinks for free, without much effort and hassle. Right?  

Final Thoughts…

I’ve been blogging since 2012, but till 2018 I created many blogs that failed. So, what was the reason behind my failure? There were many, but one of them was not sticking to a single topic. I was writing about just everything. 

Because of my past failures, I had to decide that I’ll only stick to a single blog till it succeeds. Being  A Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None won’t make you successful. That’s for sure.

Even then, if you want to write on multiple topics, you should start different blogs for each topic. Say, a tech blog for writing on tech, an SEO blog for writing about SEO, etc. 

However, as a newbie, only focus on a single blog and only when your first blog starts making money then think of making other blogs.  Having expertise in one field is a must if you want to become a pro blogger. 

So, what’s your choice – a multi niche blog or a single niche blog? Let us know in the comments below.

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