A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019 [67% Discount!]

A2 Hosting Black Friday deal is one of the most anticipated deals. There are a lot of deals during the holiday season and one of them is from A2 Hosting, which gives exclusive discounts during the holiday season. (Just like other web hosts.)

A2 Hosting is not much known when comparing to giants like SiteGround, Bluehost. They are one of the hosts which provide excellent services at a reasonable price. During this Black Friday, you’ll get awesome deals from them.

If you’re someone who can’t compromise web loading speed then A2 Hosting will be the best option for you. A2 Hosting is one of the rare hosts which is neither owned by EIG or GoDaddy.  So without wasting your time let’s get to the deal…

You will be able to get a huge 67% discount during this Black Friday season on A2 Hosting. If you’re a busy soul then here’s the direct link to get the Black Friday discount.

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Note – The deals will be live from 29th November 2019 (Black Friday) to 2nd December (Cyber Monday).

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A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal – Up To 67% OFF!

A2 hosting black friday sale

What’s special about A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is built for speed. That’s clear with their tagline “Up To 20x Fast Hosting” and it’s clear they aren’t just bluffing. Even though the company isn’t known well it has been around since 2001.

What makes A2 Hosting stand out the most is their speed, about which we will talk later. But there are also other features which are damn good. After seeing their features I’m sure you won’t be overlooking them again.

Here are some reasons why you should select A2 Hosting –

Extremely Fast

Having a fast loading site is important, and there are only some web hosts which provide the speed they advertise. One web hosts which do provides super fast speed in shared hosting plans is A2 Hosting.

When coming to web hosts they are the best in speed (on shared plans). The TURBO Plan uses caching which makes sure that your site is never slow. If you’re looking for a fast and good web host then A2 Hosting is the best one!

Customer Support

A2 Hosting provides good support to their customers. Although they aren’t the best one (which is SiteGround), if you ask for support then you will get it in some time. Their support knows what they’re doing and doesn’t leave you.

You will get a real 24×7 customer support, unlike some big brands who say it just for the sake of it. Their support is knowledgeable and friendly. What else do you need from a web host? Get this A2 Hosting deal now.

Pre-Installed WordPress / Free Migration

If you’re someone who’s going to start a blog for the first time and don’t know how to do it. Then don’t worry, with A2 Hosting you have the option to get servers with pre-installed WordPress. There’s also another option present…

You can also get A2 Optimized WordPress. (For beginners who’re unable to optimize it.) They also offer free migration from old web hosts, so no need to worry if you know nothing about migration. (Like me.)


A2 Hosting comes with a lot of options to choose from. Like dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS, etc. each plan has got different discounts. For shared hosting – it’s 67% OFF, for VPS – it’s 50% OFF and for reseller hosting – it’s 40% OFF!

There are a lot of deals this Black Friday. Here’s the pricing of A2 Hosting Shared Plans –

LITE – This is the most basic plan that you can purchase. If you’re just starting out a blog (or website) this plan is the ideal one for you. There is no limit on bandwidth and storage. It will cost only 1.98$/month this Black Friday.

SWIFT – This plan is good when your site is starting to grow i.e, it’s receiving a decent amount of visitors. Bloggers and small website owners shall find this plan ideal for them. It will cost only 2.64$/month this Black Friday.

TURBO – The TURBO Plan is the fastest plan offered by A2 Hosting (shared). If you’re looking to host sites with high traffic like E-commerce sites then it’s the best choice. It will cost only 5.61$/month this Black Friday.

How To Get Huge Discount On Black Friday!

Step #1 – Click here to visit A2 hosting. The A2 Hosting Black Friday coupon will be applied on its own. (You need to do nothing.)

Step #2 – You will be taken to the A2 Hosting homepage. Right there will be the options to choose your desired hosting plans. You can select from any kind of web hosting you want to buy. (That’s your call.)

Step #3 – You can also compare the different plans of each kind of web hosting. After comparing the different plans select your desired plan. Now you’ll need to fill in the domains details if you want to purchase one. If you don’t need one, just skip it.

Step #4 – The last thing left is to fill the details and pay. Then it’s done. So, what are you waiting for?

→ Get Web Hosting From A2 Hosting (67% Discount!) ←

Final Thoughts…

Right now, A2 Hosting is one of the top web hosts. And if you want a super fast shared web host then there’s no one beating them. A2 Hosting is packed with all the amazing features one can expect from a great web host.

The features that they provide to all customers are – 99.99% uptime guarantee, Free SSL, Free CDN, cPanel, etc. One thing is for sure, they are worth the money. And, now you can get them at a too much-discounted price.

During Black Friday other web hosts like SiteGround, WP Engine, Kinsta and more also provide special discounts. But there’s something special about A2 Hosting they’re cheaper than these top web hosts yet going toe to toe against them.

A2 Hosting should be enough for your needs. However, if you’re looking for other amazing offers during this Black Friday / Cyber Monday season we have also got all of them covered.

So what are your thoughts about this deal? Have you purchased web hosting from A2 Hosting? If yes, what’s your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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